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May 27, 2022

CNA: Electoral campaign starts on October 12 on the TV and radio channels. Rules for TV channels

The electoral campaign for the elections of November starts on October 12 on the radio and TV channels, the National Audiovisual Council decided on Tuesday. The first round of the presidential elections will take place on November 10.

“The electoral campaign on the public and private radio and TV channels starts on October 12, 2019, at 12.00 AM, and ends on November 9, 2019, at 7.00 AM”, states the CNA decision on the rules for conducting the audiovisual electoral campaign for the election of the Romanian President.

According to this decision, during the electoral campaign, the political programs of the candidates, the opinions and messages having an electoral content can only be presented in the following types of shows: electoral promotion shows – where the candidates and/or their representatives present and promote their political programs, electoral campaign activities or their own candidacy; electoral debate shows – where the radio broadcasters call into question the electoral programs and the themes of public interest related to the electoral campaign, with the participation of the candidates and/or their representatives, as well as of the journalists, analysts, political consultants and other guests; informative shows – where the candidates’ campaign activities are presented by respecting the equity, balance, impartiality and fair public information principles.

During the shows mentioned by the decision, radio broadcasters must ensure the reflection of the conduct of electoral campaign by respecting the following principles: equity – all the candidates must have the possibility to make themselves known to the voters; balance in presenting the candidates’ campaign activities; impartiality – treating all the candidates objectively and equidistantly.

The decision provides that radio broadcasters can broadcast electoral advertisements urging the voters to vote a particular candidate, only during the electoral promotion and electoral debate shows, by respecting several requirements, including those according to which the broadcast of the advertisements must ensure equal access conditions to all the candidates; during the promotional shows, advertisements related to some candidates cannot be inserted in the timespans allocated to other candidates.

Within 48 hours before the voting day, presenting opinion polls, telethons or electoral researches conducted on the street is forbidden.

During the voting day, it is forbidden to present exit polls before the voting is closed.

The CNA decision will enter into force after its publication in the Official Journal.

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