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February 9, 2023

Ludovic Orban: PSD is “a party without compass, like a headless hippopotamus”. We’ll table the no-confidence motion when we have the signatures needed for it to pass

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban stated on Monday evening, on B1TV, that the Opposition will table the no-confidence motion once it has the certainty it has collected the number of signatures needed to push it through, in order for the Government to fall. Orban explained that if the Government reshuffle proposed by Viorica Dancila is not confirmed by Parliament then the said reshuffle would be rejected but the Government would not fall. He added that the PSD is “a party without a compass, like a headless hippopotamus.”

“We have established the timetable of talks. For this no-confidence motion to have chances of success, we need the support of six other political parties or parliamentary groups aside from PNL’s parliamentarians. There is a draft text that we have approved in principle, but it will be discussed and improved with the partners with which we will discuss,” Orban said.

Asked whether the national minorities group supports the PNL’s no-confidence motion demarche, Ludovic Orban said: “We have scheduled a meeting with all the House members of the national minorities group, which will take place later this week. Likewise, we have scheduled a discussion with the UDMR. Talks have already taken place with the Senate whip. We will talk with the UDMR leader too.”

“Because of the fact that during the parliamentary session we can table a single no-confidence motion, we will table the motion only when we have the number of signatures needed for it to pass,” Orban explained, pointing out that the motion could also be tabled after the start of the elections campaign if it is ascertained that it would have chances of success at that point.

“Our objective is to topple this Government. This Government no longer has any legitimacy. Romanian citizens are overwhelmingly against this Government,” Ludovic Orban added.

The PNL leader also commented on the situation within ALDE, considering that Teodor Melescanu, a member of Tariceanu’s party, was nominated as Senate Speaker by Viorica Dancila, to replace his party boss in that office.

“What happened in the Senate today has completely confused Parliament. At this hour we are asking ourselves who should we be talking to within ALDE, if the party leader had no idea that one of the party’s vice presidents was running for Senate Speaker,” Orban stated.

The Liberal pointed out that ALDE’s situation is very unclear within the House too.

“The situation was very tense within their House group too, including the possibility of challenging the leadership of the group, which eventually ended with the pro-Tariceanu members leaving the meeting, from what I understood. It’s a rather unclear situation,” Ludovic Orban added.

Regarding the option of simultaneously holding parliamentary and local elections, the PNL leader said that this would mean procrastinating too much.

“It would mean the Government leaving in March. We back holding snap elections as quickly as possible. A legitimate Government can only be the result of the vote in Parliament,” Orban said.

Asked why he believes the PSD insists on staying in power, Ludovic Orban replied: “They know that if the PSD leaves the Government the party will turn to dust. This party has never been in the state it is in today. Having a catastrophic public image, having a leader that lacks authority, a party without a compass, like a headless hippopotamus. Imagine a hippopotamus whose nerve centres no longer work.”




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