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March 28, 2023

Ponta’s target for 2024, a year when all the kinds of elections will take place, is to win e everything

PRO Romania Chairman Victor Ponta says he would like to be part of the government after Dancila Government’s fall, but if he is not wanted, he will let PNL and USR govern and will applaud or criticize them from the Parliament. He recognized on Monday evening at B1TV that he wants to win everything in 2024, when all the kinds of elections will take place.

Ponta said that after the Dancila Government will fall, the Prime Minister nominated by the President cannot be a politician from any of the parties currently being in Opposition, because “the other parties will not vote for him or her”.

Victor Ponta believes that the Prime Minister who will be appointed must be “a respected personality, an economist, as Isarescu was in 2000”.

“Then, Mr. Iohannis will call everybody: Mrs. Dancila, do you support him? Mr. Ponta, do you support him? Mr. Barna, do you support him? (…) A consensus will be reached. Those who are saying there will be early elections are big liars. Those who made the Constitution, made it so that early elections are almost impossible to happen”, the PRO Romania leader also stated.

He said he would like to be part of the government after Dancila Government’s fall, but if this is not wanted, he doesn’t necessarily want it, too.

On the other hand, Ponta also said that if Viorica Dancila will retire from the presidential competition, Mircea Diaconu will enter the 2nd round. In fact, Ponta said that PSD evaluated Mircea Diaconu in polls since June, and the PRO Romania leader believes he is the ideal candidate for the PSD voters.

Victor Ponta also stated that if Dancila retires from the presidential elections and comes in Parliament with a restructured Government, PRO Romania will support her.

When the moderator said that he wants to gather all the left wing around him to win the elections in 2024, Victor Ponta replied: “You’ve made a good guess. I tell you”.

Ponta added that he believes that PNL and USR will win the 2020 Parliament’s elections and will rule for the next four years.

“In 2024, when local, EP and Parliament’s elections will take place, I want the left wing to win everything, if it’s possible”, Victor Ponta concluded.

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