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December 5, 2022

PM Dancila: The Government will notify the CCR on judicial conflict with the head of state

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced on Wednesday that the Government would notify the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) to denounce the existence of a judicial conflict with the head of state.

“It is absolutely unqualifiable the manner in which candidate Iohannis is using the official tribune of the Presidential Administration to launch his campaign messages. Last Wednesday he unjustifiedly refuses to appoint ministers to Romania’s Government. One week later, Mr. Iohannis blocks again the appointment of the interim ministers to Romania’s Government, this time refusing to give an answer. We are in an unprecedented situation, a situation of confusion and imbalance generated by the irresponsible and selfish behaviour of the President. Mr. President Iohannis has the obsession of blockages. (…) Because Romanians don’t deserve to be involved and sacrificed by the President in the name of presidential ambition, Romania’s Government will notify the Constitutional Court to denounce the existence of a judicial conflict with the head of state. Romanians have no reason why they should assist to this distasteful spectacle performed by those whom they voted for. Whether they realise it or not, it is in the voting where they will be sanctioned for all these signs of selfishness, recklessness and lack of responsibility for the country,” Dancila said in a press statement at the Social Democratic Party (PSD) headquarters.

She added that President Iohannis continues to break the Constitution and the state laws, “in total disregard to the country’s interests.”

“This isn’t the first time we have been in this situation and it is obvious that Mr. Iohannis hasn’t understood and doesn’t understand what happens after some positions become vacant in the Government. By delaying the appointment of the interim ministers to the vacant offices following the resignation of the ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] ministers, Klaus Iohannis transgresses the Constitutional Court decisions which consecrate the principle of cooperation and loyal collaboration between public institutions,” Dancila said.


PM calls shameful President Iohannis talking about Caracal tragedy


Prime Minister said  that “it is shameful for President Klaus Iohannis to come up after all this time to talk about the Caracal tragedy,” in a political context defined by his attempts at stymying the government.

“It is shameful for the president to come up after all this time and talk about the Caracal tragedy in a political context defined by his pertinacious attempts at stymying the government. It is indecent for this sensitive topic, this drama, to be used for him to create his own political moves. Mr Iohannis once again demonstrates that he does not even understand his role as president of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT). He speaks of citizen security as an abstract term, forgetting that that is the essential component of national security. Candidate Iohannis’s only concern is to critiques the government, forgetting that he is part of the executive branch and equally responsible. It is not the state whose chief he pretends to be that should be reset, but the President of Romania that has to be restarted. He speaks of power forgetting that he has been in power for five years. Let us all remember how, in the first days after this tragedy, Mr Iohannis unreasonably delayed a CSAT meeting and hesitated to dismiss the head of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS). After that, he showed up late in vain and told us nothing. Just as he showed up today to tell us a big nothing,” said Dancila at a news conference at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

She said the government had taken all the measures that were required in the aftermath of the Caracal tragedy, including immediately penalising the culprits, passing an emergency ordinance for improving the 112 emergency number service, preparing a bill for improving the intervention in the case of missing individuals, and drastically tightening penalties for false imprisonment and other serious offences.

“The president, however, chooses to ignore these things and, totally out of synch, he is trying to cynically rehash this drama. Only to try and legitimise his own powerlessness and his own interests,” said Dancila.

According to the prime minister, the entire Opposition is concerned these days with throwing the country out of balance, “in a situation that suits them politically”.

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