FinMin Teodorovici: More than one million Romanians register with Virtual Private Space

Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici on Thursday stated that more than one million Romanians have registered so far with the Virtual Private Space, and that the measures proposed for the diaspora are optional, as they are only meant to debureaucratize and improve the relation with the state.

“The idea is to simplify very much and basically debeaureaucratize another area of the ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration) and especially to improve the relation between the state and Romanians living abroad, in the tax area. We must also mention from the start that this is optional and it’s just another measure meant to support the Romanians who, optionally, want to register with the system that we established in 2018 at national level, and this system, this Virtual Space already has more than one million Romanians who registered. This will be a large number, if we remember that in the beginning of 2018 the system only had 250,000 registrations. It is basically a proposal for those living abroad to use this system, to register with this system, if they want to. And if they want to do this, then, through the embassies and the consular offices, they will receive the passwords to access the system, and they will no longer need to come to the country to take these passwords. It is a simplification, we say, radical. This is a communication means between the state and the contributors,” the Minister said in a press statement.

Individual contributors will be able to access new documents in the Virtual Private Space (SPV), such as tax statements, their tax records, notifications of residence certificates, once with the expansion of the SPV services, Minister of Public Finance (MFP) announced on Wednesday.

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