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March 28, 2023

PMP’s Paleologu: No matter how big the posters, they can’t hide the fact that the emperor is naked. I am proud that my president is the tallest in the group pictures, but I regret that he is not getting involved

People’s Movement Party’s (PMP) candidate in the presidential elections Theodor Paleologu said in Timisoara on Saturday that none of the competitors can be certain, at the moment, that he/she will be the winner of the November poll, and the posters, no matter how big, “can’t hide the fact that the emperor is naked.”

According to Paleologu, the race for the Cotroceni Presidential Palace will come with surprises this year, too, as in the previous elections.

“I believe I will contribute to the surprise we shall have on November 11 and 25, because, obviously, we’ll have a second round. The one who imagines everything is won will be the first one surprised. Dan Barna as well [the candidate of the USR-PLUS alliance] might be surprised, because he is also convinced that he will enter the second round. (…) I believe we have to deal with the success elation in the case of some of the candidates, who are under the impression that everything has already been won, arranged, settled, and that there is no more room for competition and surprises. I also believe that the posters, the meshes, no matter how big, can’t hide the fact that the emperor is naked,” Theodor Paleologu told a press conference.

He said that President Klaus Iohannis and his supporters believe there will only be one round, trying to create the impression among the opponents that “everything is arranged, that he has percentages in polls,” that only a little is needed to exceed 50 percent and that the only thing needed is “for Dan Barna and Theodor Paleologu to withdraw, and Iohannis will be voted by the grateful people.”

In Paleologu’s opinion, those who imagine the games are made are wrong, because the presidential elections are very surprising.

“One thing is certain and that is nothing is certain. There is only one certainty – that there is no certainty of the type the games are made, everything has been already arranged. Maybe various advisers tell him [President Iohannis] that everything is settled, we won, but I don’t think it is like that, but that these elections, too, will reserve great surprises,” Paleologu commented.

He reiterated he wants to be a teacher president, a mediator and dialogue facilitator, and under no circumstance a spectator.

Paleologu noticed that the current Romanian President is the tallest person in the group pictures.

“The President is the head of the country’s diplomacy. I have a long list of failures. And this is in the context in which we have valuable diplomats. The failure of diplomacy is on the one hand due to the arbitrariness committed by PSD inside the country, and on the other hand due to the fact that the Foreign Ministry was populated with all the kind of PSD’s creatures who had nothing to do with the Foreign Ministry, and in the past, PSD didn’t act in such a mean way as it did it in the recent years, but in diplomacy, we need to capitalize the real diplomats, who exist, thank to God”, Paleologu stated.

He said that one of the foreign policy objectives of Romania is the adhesion of the country to the Schengen Area.

“One of the foreign policy objectives of Romania is the adhesion of the country to the Schengen Area, and I believe we must explain why it is important for us to adhere to the Schengen Area. There are economic benefits. I believe the EU needs a unitary foreign policy. I realis that one could not win the elections this way, but this is what the Romanian President does: he must get involved in solving the EU crises, not just to be a nice figure in the group pictures. I am proud that my president is the tallest in the group pictures, but I regret that he is not getting involved. I won’t be able to be a tall president. I am 173 cm tall, I won’t be a tall president. Right now, the EU is an economic giant and a political pygmy. The EU must count among the great countries of the world, USA, China and Russia, therefore it must be balanced”, Paleologu added.

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