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February 27, 2020

President Iohannis, at school year opening: Some politicians fear school, people are trained to tax errors

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday, at the opening of the new pre-university school year, that some politicians are afraid of school because people in education institutions are trained to tax them for errors in logic or phrasing.

“Some politicians are afraid of school. Here, in school, people are trained to tax them for logic errors and, of late, rather often, for phrasing errors. Here too, the failure of public education policies is felt, but also their lack of creativity. We see how instead of adopting measures to increase the quality of education, measures to facilitate fraud at the baccalaureate are being preferred, it is being attempted to try to reduce the number of those who get to take the National Assessment exam or to propose the automatic distribution of those who get low grades to vocational schools, instead of having credible aptitude assessments organised,” said the president, present of the ceremony dedicated to the opening of the school year at the “Ferdinand I” secondary school in Bucharest.

The president stressed that school plays an essential role, because here the students start their way in life, cultivate their passions and form their vision of the world.

He added that the education provided by the school represents an opportunity for Romania “to become normal, to transform and prepare for a profoundly changing Europe and world, a world that is not waiting for those who are trapped in obsolete practices, in corruption or in communist old habits”.

Addressing the students, Iohannis spoke about the role they will play in society, but also about the importance of mutual respect.

“You have rights that no one can take from you. You, as citizens of Romania, must benefit from the full respect and support of the state institutions. It is imperative that respect be at the center of the education process in schools. And when I say that I am referring to the respect you owe to your teachers, but also to the respect with which teachers, in their turn, are obliged to treat you. All children, without any discrimination, must feel encouraged, protected and safe at school,” said Iohannis.

He appreciated that the “Ferdinand I” secondary school in Bucharest, part of the Inschool program, supported by the Council of Europe, is “absolutely remarkable by the exceptional results” it obtains.

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