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December 7, 2021

Teodor Melescanu to challenge in court potential decision to have him excluded from ALDE

Teodor Melescanu has stated he is willing to challenge in court a potential ALDE decision to exclude him from the party. He has pointed out that when he accepted to be nominated as Senate Speaker by the PSD he did not try to “recruit” ALDE colleagues to back the Government in Parliament.

“To forbid them or to declare them basically excluded if they run for an office in Parliament, how can this be explained? Can you tell me?” Teodor Melescanu stated on Friday evening on Digi24.

Asked whether he would challenge a potential decision to exclude him from ALDE, the ex-Foreign Minister said: “In my opinion, if it’s enforced, I will definitely seek my justice, of course.”

Asked whether he would challenge such a decision in court, Melescanu said: “Yes, of course, no problem. But of course, at any rate, I’m not the fan of battles, you are used to have all your guests fighting. I believe we all must have a spirit of reason and understanding for the period we are going through, and it’s not a very good period for our party.”

He added he did not engage in any kind of “recruitment” of ALDE members to support the Government in Parliament.

“I did not engage in any kind of recruitment. Let’s clarify this, these are two different things. It’s one thing to leave the Government, which means that ministers leave, they are no longer part of the Government, and another thing concerns the functioning of Parliament, which is separate, independent from the Executive. Obviously, this is the stake now, because we are talking about votes, about some political games, and after all we are talking about the elections that will be here in a few months. I never engaged in electioneering, in propaganda for someone, but I always staked on the idea that we must really save this coalition and – where necessary, where it’s for the benefit of the people – to lend a hand in our turn too,” Melescanu explained.

Teodor Melescanu, endorsed by the PSD as Senate Speaker, has stated that he is willing to be suspended from ALDE for six months in order to resolve the problem regarding the party’s position, but also to maintain the group within the Senate. He claimed he discussed this topic with his other colleagues too.

Last Tuesday, ALDE decided to endorse Ion Popa as Senate Speaker. At the same time, the party decided that party members who accept offices without having the party’s consent would be excluded from ALDE, Teodor Melescanu being the target of this decision.

Senators will elect Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s successor at the helm of the Senate during the plenary meeting on September 10, according to a decision adopted by the Standing Bureau. PNL’s Alina Gorghiu has also entered the race.


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