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December 6, 2021

UDMR’s Kelemen: This political crisis must be solved soon. We’ll vote the censure motion

Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Chairman Kelemen Hunor on Saturday said the current political crisis must be solved very soon and that the UDMR would vote a possible censure motion filed by the Opposition.

While in Harghita County, at Baile Homorod, he pointed out that the current political situation must be solved as soon as possible because Romania risks losing the confidence of the international partners, including that of financial partners, and he gave the example of Romania taking loans at much higher interest rates than other countries.

In the UDMR leader’s opinion, the Prime Minister must ask for a vote of confidence in Parliament and, if support is not received, she must step down.

“The Prime Minister should come to Parliament to ask for a vote, as provided by the Constitution, this is the normal way, the democratic way, if the coalition that had the vote of the majority in Parliament has gone, you must come before Parliament. If she doesn’t get 233 votes, she must step down, this is the situation, with or without censure motion, but this problem must be solved fast. And it must be solved shortly, by the end of the year, because a new budget draft is needed, a budget revision is needed. (…) That is why, the negotiations must be carried out in this sense too, we must understand, articulate all political interests. It isn’t easy, in an election campaign, before the presidential elections, but, if we don’t do this, if we constantly look in the mirror and wonder who’s coming behind us, with what percentages and what intentions, we’ll all lose,” Kelemen Hunor said.

He added that the censure motion should have been filed this week and pointed out that if he were the leader of the Opposition we would try to solve this political crisis in two weeks.

Kelemen Hunor pointed out that the UDMR would vote a possible censure motion filed by the Opposition and would not endorse a restructuring of the Government.

The UDMR Chairman delivered a lecture in Baile Homorod, titled “Everything about RESPEKT!”, as part of a training camp for political activity organised by the Confederation of Young Hungarians (MIERT), in partnership with the UDMR.

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