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September 21, 2019

PM Dancila: We decided to ask Parliament vote of confidence next week

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairwoman and Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced on Monday evening that next week she would ask Parliament for the vote of confidence for the Government.

Dancila told a press conference at the end of PSD’s National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting that she was not afraid of a negative vote in the Legislature.

“We talked about the current situation of the Government and we decided to go before Parliament next week. I underscored countless times that we are not afraid. We’ll go to Romania’s Parliament, we’ll discuss with the political parties so that we get the confidence vote,” Dancila said.

She mentioned they hadn’t yet decided if the Government was going to choose the restructuring or the reshuffle option, but in case restructuring was chosen, the new government formula would have 19 ministries plus the prime minister office.


Fifor about vote of confidence for Gov’t: If rejected, different options until it passes


The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), deputy Prime Minister Mihai Fifor, claims the Dancila Government will not quit if it does not get the vote of confidence in Parliament.

“We will go next week in Parliament to ask the vote for the government. It’s too much to call it a ‘vote of confidence for the government’. It’s a calibration and validation vote for the new version of the Cabinet. If it does not pass, we will come with another option until we convince Parliament that the country must be, nonetheless, governed,” Fifor, wrote, on Tuesday, on Facebook.

In his opinion, the vote in Parliament will be favorable to the Dancila Government.

“The proof is the chronic incapacity of the parties of the Opposition to raise a majority and to propose a coherent alternative to the current government. And if the majority is not with them, it means that this siege of over three years on the PSD government is nothing than hypocrisy and low-level politicking,” the Deputy PM post shows.

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