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Ambassador of Mexico to Romania, Guillermo Ordorica R.: About Mexico´s National Day and Romania

Every September, Mexico dresses up in patriotic colors for the celebration of its Independence and for remembering the bravery and courage of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for a free and sovereign homeland. We mark our independence from the moment Miguel Hidalgo summoned the people to call for good governance, 209 years ago on the 15th of September. Hidalgo is also remembered for having been the first to abolish slavery in Continental America.

Mexico possesses a vibrant and thriving society. Today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is setting the pace for very stimulating changes. His government wants to realize the great objectives set by the movements of Independence (1810-1821), Reform (1857-1861), and Revolution (1910-1917). These objectives attend to social needs and promote a fair development of the nation. Likewise, Mexico’s government is making efforts in favor of transparency and accountability.

The country’s international relations are also a high priority. Mexican diplomacy is active and modern, benefitting from a constitutional foreign policy that includes foundational principles for a constructive community of nations. It is also a diplomacy committed to the multilateral order and to promoting the continuous strengthening of ​​peace and security according to international law.

As friends and partners, Mexico and Romania make significant efforts to increase the quality and quantity of their links in the different areas in which they share a common view, including those with the Romanian Parliament. Our two countries agree on the importance of guaranteeing peace as the result of fostering the welfare of the people. We also share the commitment to helping people stay in their places of origin through inclusive growth policies that stimulate economic development, social cohesion and environmental sustainability. Mexico is deeply grateful to Romania for its support of the Comprehensive Development Program of Mexico with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.


Mexico’s bilateral relationship with Romania is becoming more robust. With increasing trade, the two countries have intensified their exchanges based on the opportunities offered by their comparative advantages. Both believe in globalization and the benefits of open economies, which make the trading partnership they maintain across the European Union very promising. The incorporation of Romania as an Observer State of the Pacific Alliance in 2016 is something to celebrate, as it opens up new areas of collaboration in favor of fair trade and the progressive development of compatible customs practices.


Thanks to our mutual trust and the growing agenda between our countries, Mexico was able to open the Military Attaché Office at its embassy at the beginning of 2019. This is a major achievement for our bilateral relation. We expect from this an increase in academic cooperation in the military field, as well as opportunities for the exchange of experiences and good practices in areas such as UN peace-keeping operations and humanitarian relief in cases of emergency. We are now making progress towards bringing a Naval Attaché to the Mexican diplomatic mission.


The Mexican Government recognizes the outstanding work Romania displayed during its Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first semester of 2019. Romania has always supported Mexican interests in the European space and we are thankful for the special care given to us during its Presidency.

The friendship and empathy of our peoples have a clear cultural component. Heirs to the same Latin traditions, we share essential values ​​and similar ways of life. With that in mind, the Embassy of Mexico will continue to organize various cultural events that show the strength of our national identity and the ability of Mexicans to sustain an intercultural dialogue with Romania.

Our two countries have also supported academic mobility through universities and study-abroad programs. This aspect of our relationship is particularly distinguished in the Fabela-Titulescu Program between FES Acatlán UNAM and the University of Bucharest. The program fosters academic activities for the study of peace in all its facets, in the hopes of educating new generations about the importance of preserving our common world.

The positive results obtained in our relationship with Romania are the result of the support the Embassy has always received from government officials and also from passionate leaders of public and private organizations. The role of the Honorary Consulates of Mexico in Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca has also been instrumental in reaching the goals we have set for ourselves.

With a sense of optimism and promise, we hope that the close relationship of the peoples and governments of Mexico and Romania will continue to translate into opportunities for progress and well-being, useful initiatives for development and, above all, actions capable of contributing to peace and security in a constantly changing world.

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