Dancila decides to nominate ALDE representatives for the vacant portfolios in the Gov’t

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced on Wednesday that she decided to nominate several Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) representatives for the three vacant portfolios following the withdrawal of this party from the Government in August.

“In my capacity as Prime Minister, I decided to nominate ALDE representatives for the portfolios that remained vacant after the August-end resignations. I have all the appreciation for those ALDE members who understood that Romania needs stability and that Romania and Romanians are important, beyond the personal interest or the political stake, and decided to respect the people’s vote of 2016 and the governance programme we assumed together. It is important to continue the governance, to provide stability, to mobilise to consolidate Romania’s image abroad, especially at this particular time when we must support our representative to the European Commission (…),” the PM announced.

Gratiela Gavrilescu was proposed to take over the Environment Ministry and the Deputy Prime Minister office. Ion Cupa was nominated for the Energy Ministry, whereas Stefan Baisanu was proposed for the Relation with Parliament.

“This afternoon I will send the proposals to the Cotroceni Palace,” the Prime Minister stated at the Victoria Palace.

Information on the co-opting of some ALDE members in the Government, in order to avoid modifying its political structure, had appeared earlier on Wednesday. Asked for his comments on this demarche, ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that if any ALDE member wants to join the Government they will do so in their capacity as individual persons, not as ALDE members.

“The members of Government have this capacity as a result of the decision of the party whose members they are. We haven’t taken such a decision within ALDE, on the contrary, we have decided to leave the Government. Those who engage in this demarche do so in their capacity as individual persons, not as ALDE members. Both they and Mrs Dancila should know this,” Tariceanu warned.

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