President Iohannis refuses reshuffle.:It’s null and void, inappropriate, and I clearly refuse it. No new minister to be appointed until after confirmation in Parliament. PM Dancila: I’m not afraid to go to Parliament

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that the Premier is asking him for a Government reshuffle that is “null and void, inappropriate,” and which he clearly refuses, referring to the six new ministers nominated by Premier Viorica Dancila. “No new ministers will be appointed in Government until after the confirmation in Parliament,” the President concluded.

“This Government reshuffle is blatantly unconstitutional. (…) The Prime Minister is afraid to come before Parliament. (…) No new minister will be appointed in Government until after the confirmation in the Romanian Parliament,” the President emphasised.


“You have to come before Parliament with a request to validate the Gov’t”


Iohannis requested to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to come before Parliament in view of validating the Government.

“Mrs. Prime Minister, I now tell you straight and publicly: you have to come before Romania’s Parliament with a validation request of you Government! Otherwise, the things cannot be solved,” the head of state said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He provided details into why he doesn’t accept the minister proposals coming from Viorica Dancila, as well as the reshuffle.

“This new request, which I refuse, comes with a novelty. It’s grossly unconstitutional, because, in the meantime, it’s very clear and it has been announced publicly and in writing that ALDE [the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] has left the governing coalition. Therefore, there is no doubt: the Government must come before Parliament,” Iohannis stated.

The President argued that the Prime Minister is clearly afraid of a vote in Parliament, so she tries to stall.

“In the same way, it’s clear that, in fact, the PSD [the Social Democratic Party], in a pitiful way, clings to power, is stalling a procedure which is explicitly and clearly required in the Constitution. I repeat: no minister will be appointed in the Government, except after being validated in Romania’s Parliament!,” Iohannis pointed out.

“I have decided to nominate ALDE representatives for the vacant portfolios. I fully appreciate those members of ALDE who have understood that Romania needs stability and that Romania and Romanians are important beyond personal interests or political stakes, and who have decided to respect the 2016 vote and the governance programme we have jointly undertaken,” the Premier said on Wednesday.

Dancila announced that she will send the Romanian President the following nominations: Gratiela Gavrilescu as Environment Minister and Deputy Prime Minister; Ion Cupa as Energy Minister; Stefan Baisanu as Minister for Liaison with Parliament.


PM Dancila: I’m not afraid to go to Parliament. We don’t run from responsibility and will not back down


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday has said she is not afraid to go with the Government before Parliament for a confidence vote, arguing that in the vote for the Senate leadership the Social Democratic Party (PSD) proved it has a majority.

“It is the third hindrance in three consecutive weeks, the third rejections from Klaus Iohannis of the Government’s efforts to function normally. (…) It is obvious that Mr. Iohannis’ party has a problem with the public employees, however the President has taken this issue to another level, he purely refuses the right to payment of the people who work. (…) I have seen today a new conjectural alliance between Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Iohannis, the alliance of hypocrisy and destruction. (…) I want to give firm assurances that I will not cede to this blockage, because I have the obligation to govern for Romania. I am not afraid to go before Parliament, so much the more as we showed in the vote in the Senate two days ago that we have majority. We don’t run from responsibility and we will not back down,” Dancila said in a press statement held at the PSD headquarters.


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