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March 27, 2023

ALDE: Melescanu, Gavrilescu, Cupa and Baisanu excluded from the party

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Executive Political Bureau took note on Friday, according to the party statute, of the loss of the member quality in the case of Teodor Melescanu, Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu (photo), Ion Cupa and Alexandru Stefan Baisanu, an ALDE release informs.

“The ALDE member quality is lost by adhesion to or public endorsement of another party or another political doctrine, except for the party or parties with which ALDE has made a political or electoral alliance,” reads the ALDE statute.

According to the release issued  on Friday, the ALDE Executive Political Bureau found that the four former ALDE members accepted to participate in negotiation discussions with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in view to fill in positions in the Senate and the Government, talks following which they accepted the offices proposed.

“This way, they breached the ALDE National Standing Delegation Decision of 26 August 2019, voted by an overwhelming majority of 83 votes and 2 abstentions, and the Central Political Bureau Decision of 3 September 2019. Consequently, the ALDE Secretariat General will proceed to erase from the ALDE central data base the following persons: Teodor Melescanu, Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu, Ion Cupa and Alexandru Stefan Baisanu.

Teodor Melescanu was endorsed by PSD to take over the Senate presidency, Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu was proposed Environment Minister, Ion Cupa – Energy Minister, and Alexandru Stefan Baisanu – Minister for the Relation with Parliament.

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