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Romanian Firefighters’ Day. President Iohannis: We acknowledge and honor firefighters’ merits and their sacrifices. PM Dancila: You are a stable, powerful shield for civil society

The Romanian firefighters stood out both in our history’s critical times and in the daily fight against natural calamities and disasters – reads President Klaus Iohannis’s message conveyed on the occasion of the national Firefighters’ Day.

The head of the state brings to mind that this day celebrates “the heroic fight of the military firefighters in defending the ideals of national freedom”.

“We also acknowledge and honour the merits of all the firefighters and the sacrifices they make to ensure a safe climate for all citizens. Romanian firefighters have stood out both at critical times in our history and in the daily struggle against natural calamities and disasters. Through the professionalism and devotion proven in the accomplishment of their missions, you are the upholders of the glorious traditions of the military firefighters who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the Romanian nation,” President Iohannis mentions in his message.

According to him, due to their courage and spirit of sacrifice, the firefighters represent “an important factor of security within the Romanian communities, enjoying the confidence of the population”.

“On this anniversary day, I voice my appreciation for your entire activity and I urge you to remain in the service of your fellow citizens,” the President conlcudes.


PM Dancila: You are a stable, powerful shield for civil society


In a message on the occasion of the Romanian Firefighters’ Day, Premier Viorica Dancila points out that this public safety force represents “a stable and powerful shield for the civil society”, having managed through their actions to wipe away many tears and fill souls with gratitude.

“September 13 is an occasion of pride because we celebrate some of the most appreciated and beloved public system personnel: the firefighters. The world in general, but Romania too, are faced nowadays with many emergencies, and you are always at the heart of the action, as rescuers. In 171 years of institutional existence, you have succeeded through your courageous actions to wipe away many tears and fill souls with gratitude. You have committed yourselves to a stable present and a safer future, a commitment that keeps all the rest of us sheltered in troubled times and in unforeseen situations.You are a stable and powerful shield for the civil society and the contribution of everyone of us is needed for you to always be able to return home to your loved ones safe and unharmed,” Dancila says in her message.

The Prime Minister emphasizes that the government stands by the firefighters’ side, allocating the necessary financial resources for a good functioning of the institution, and making efforts to ensure them the best training and equipment.

“Thank you, dear firefighters, for your courage, dedication and professionalism, for not having grown tired to save us, protect us and be an example of civic involvement. Many happy returns!,” Dancila writes in the conclusion of her message.


PNL’s Orban: Day of Firefighters is dedicated to those who are risking their lives to save lives


Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban stated in a message on the Day of Firefighters, that this day is dedicated to “those who are risking their lives in order to save lives” and has strong meanings in Romanians’ history.

“There are many noble jobs, but the firefighter one has a special particularity. Those who chose to become firefighters don’t do it for popularity or money. These people have the courage and the spirit of sacrifice in their blood. They want to save lives and that’s it. We don’t hear often about their actions, much less about their names,” Orban wrote on his Facebook page.

The PNL leader brings to mind that on 13 September 1848, on Dealu Spirii (Spirea’s Hill), a detachment of firefighters led by captain Pavel Zaganescu fought against the Ottoman soldiers.

“Today we celebrate the Day of Firefighters in Romania. A day dedicated to those who are risking their lives in order to save lives and a day with strong meanings in our history. On 13 September 1848 the battle on the Dealu Spirii took place, when the proud spirit of the Romanian firefighters broke out against the Ottoman invaders. Captain Pavel Zaganescu, together with five officers, 150 soldiers, six sergeants, two buglers and two drummers stood up, for two hours and a half to a detachment of 6,000 Ottoman soldiers, equipped with artillery. At that time, 48 firefighters died for freedom. Just like the ones today, they are not very well-known heroes, whom we look at very little, because they are more attentive to ‘the noise’,” Orban stated.


Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/igsu.situatiideurgenta 

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