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March 28, 2023

The 2019 edition of Gov’t internship program reaches its end. 200 students had internships in 55 institutions

This year’s edition of the Government’s internship program, which saw the participation of 200 students and graduates of university studies who had internships in 55 institutions of the central public administration, in the July 15 – September 13 period, reached its end, a ceremony being organized on Friday at the Government House.

According to data sent by the Executive, through the 66 events taking place over the two months, the interns were familiarized with the activity of the public administration through involvement in the process of elaborating normative acts, but also through the meetings organized, in which they were able to directly interact with high officials of the Romanian state. The youths were involved in a series of joint events, such as meetings with diplomats accredited to Bucharest, representatives of associations, with dignitaries of the Romanian state and part of the ministers of the Government of Romania and had the occasion to organize and participate in training courses and simulations of administrative processes, including the preparation and organization of a government meeting.

At the ceremony at the Government House, the Minister of Development, Daniel Suciu, stated that he took the six interns distributed to the Ministry for Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP) on construction sites.

“Thank you very much for spending two months, I hope extremely pleasant and interesting, together with my minister colleagues and these institutions you probably knew about only from what you’ve read. I am glad you experienced yourselves what central administration means,” Suciu said.

The interim Education Minister, Daniel Breaz, stated that he always asked employers to try, when a young student goes into an internship, to integrate them in the life of the company.

“There’s a need for these internships to be really done. They would scold us all the time, because when a young graduate gets employed there’s an accommodation period necessary, taking a few months at the least, to be able to practically integrate in the workplace. (…) Firstly I am glad you saw how the Romanian Government works. Beyond everything that appears in the press, because a lot of fake news appear, saying that there’s no work done, that there are no specialists. No. We have the best specialists in the ministries and in the Government, we truly have very good specialists. These things I would like for you to convey to your friends, your families,” Breaz urged the former interns.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Bogdan Matei, urged the 200 youths present at the Government House to get involved in politics, “because Romania needs you”.

The Secretary General of the Government, Toni Grebla, told the former interns that in public offices one must have a desire to do good things for others.

“Everything that the state is based on, any state in the world, including Romania, in all times, has depended on the public offices. The stable public office, professionally prepared, is that which articulates, which represents the framework of a state and if that is solid then things go well. (…) In public offices you must have the desire to do good for others. You must enjoy seeing others succeed in a certain experience, be it professional, human, familiar and so forth. If you do not have this capacity, the state will not have functional institutions, the citizens will not be pleased, the trust of the citizens in the state’s authorities will drop and these are the premises for anything to happen in a society,” Grebla concluded.

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