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March 31, 2023

INS survey: Two out of five households barely deal with their current daily spendings

Approximately two out of five households (37.6pct) face with difficulty or great difficulty their current spending, and if considering those which barely deal with their daily spending one could reach 80.0pct of the total of the households, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS)’s survey dubbed “Inquiry on life quality” carried out last year.

On the other hand, one out of five households has no difficulty in dealing with their current spending, as they manage them pretty easy, easy or very easy.

Among the households facing difficulty or great difficulty in dealing with their current spending are those led by women (47.4pct) or elder people aged 65 or over 65 years (44.7pct), as well as the households made up of two adults with three or more children in their care (57.1pct).

Furthermore, in this situation are 59.9pct of the households whose head is unemployed and 52.6pct are headed by a farmer.

Yet, less than 30pct of the households have scored repeated delays in paying their important current dues such as the maintenance costs of their house, loan rates, payment of utilities, mainly caused by their unsatisfactory financial situation.

Out of the payments that have recorded outstanding dues in 2018, the electricity bill (55.3pct of the households with outstanding debts), the maintenance costs of the house (50.1pct) and the telephone subscription (41.7pct) have recorded the most frequent cases. At the opposite side stay the outstanding dues of the loan rates (8.2pct), %), naturally due to the banks’ sharper sanctions.

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