New virulent attack of President Iohannis against PSD: They produced the most damaging, disastrous governance since the Revolution

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) “produced” over the past years the most damaging and disastrous governance since 1989.

“The PNL [the National Liberal Party] is now, through the Romanians’ vote on 26 May, the most important party in Romania, you have to be prepared to live up to the Romanians’ expectations. I am here because the PNL understands this path and the need of a new beginning for Romania. (…) You have efficient mayors in many localities, you have a team of competent people, ready to assume the governance, you will be the main party of a democratic coalition which will govern Romania much better for the citizens, much longer. It is extremely important not to lose what you have gained in the elections to the European Parliament and the referendum, this thing is called confidence, you have won the Romanians’ confidence. Cultivate it! Over the past two and a half years, Romania has been led by a governance which compromised its future, which blocked its development, which dug deep into the foundation of democracy and the rule of law. The PSD produced the most damaging, the most disastrous governance since the Revolution,” Iohannis stated at the meeting of the PNL Branches of the South-East Region.


There are many things to be done and straightened after failed PSD governances


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday at the meeting of the National Liberal Youth (TNL) Summer School organised in Venus seaside resort that there are many things to be done and to be “straightened” after the “failed” governances of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), such as the reconstruction of the Romanian state “in order to be in the service of” the citizen, the economic growth, but also the endorsement of the private milieu.

“There are many things to be done and straightened after the failed governances of the PSD. The reconstruction of the Romanian state in order to be in the citizen’s service, economic growth and the endorsement of the private milieu in view of generating welfare represent the fundamental pillars to make Romania normal. My slogan normal Romania. (…) The project I propose the Romanians is to finally live in a country where normalcy is the rule, not the exception, where the citizen is at the core of the state functioning and not the other way around, and where the citizen lives a safe and prosperous life,” the head of state stated.

According to him, “normal” Romania is the country from where young people would not want to definitively leave “because they have no chance” in the country.

The President said that the project of a “normal” Romania is the project of an entire generation which can be accomplished only through the involvement of “genuinely democratic” parties, civic organisations, youngsters.

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