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March 30, 2023

Orban: PNL, ready to submit no-confidence motion as fast as possible

Chairman of the National Liberal Party [PNL], Ludovic Orban, stated on Monday that negotiations to support the censure motion will continue this week as well, in order to submit the no-confidence motion as fast as possible.

“At the current time there is a text of the  motion that was agreed upon with those in the USR [Save Romania Union], PMP [People’s Movement Party] and the UDMR [Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania]. This text was also sent to the other two political formations – ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) and PRO Romania. We await the observations of these formations regarding the text of the censure motion. From our point of view, PNL is ready to submit the censure motion as quickly as possible, but we maintain this condition to draw together with us in supporting this motion all the MPs of the political formations that do not support the Government and that we maintain our objective to gather 233 signatures to support the motion in order to have the guarantee that the motion will be successful. This week we will continue to have meetings with all the partners, all the contributors to this censure motion and I am convinced that by the end of the week we will have results to announce publicly regarding the text of the motion, regarding the moment of submitting the censure motion. (…) Besides the decision of every formation or every parliamentary group to support the motion of no-confidence, a very careful preparation of the moment to submit the censure motion will be necessary and especially regarding the day in which it will be debated and voted, because it requires the mobilization of six political formations to not have absentees from among the signatories of the no confidence motion, because any absence can endanger the success of this motion of no-confidence,” Orban said, after the session of the Executive Bureau of the PNL.

He mentioned that the negotiations will also see an evaluation regarding the number of MPs who wish to sign and vote for the no confidence motion.

“I believe that for any ALDE MP, once their party goes into opposition, their normal attitude would be to support this no confidence motion, to sign and vote for this censure motion,” Ludovic Orban added.

He recalled that PRO Romania expressed its availability to support the anti-government demarche.

He stated he is convinced that the UDMR and the PMP will support the no confidence motion and mentioned that he had some discussions with some MPs from the Social Democratic Party as well.

Ludovic Orban also stated that the negotiations mainly target the censure motion, but also the further developments, mentioning that the PNL’s desire is for early elections and excluded the option of the no confidence motion being submitted after the presidential elections.

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