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September 25, 2020

Voter registration period expires in the Diaspora. AEP: 38,944 persons enrolled for voting at polling stations. 41,003 are to vote by mail

The deadline for Romanians abroad to enroll for the voting in the presidential elections in November expired on Sunday, thus 38,944 electors chose to vote at the pooling stations, whereas 41,003 electors chose to vote by mail, according to the www.votstrainatate.ro website, opened by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP).

The Government, adopted last week an emergency ordinance establishing 15 September as the deadline for the registration of the enfranchised Romanian citizens as voters via mail, respectively as voters at a polling station organised abroad.

AEP President Florin Mituletu-Buica gave assurances to the Romanians abroad that the use of personal data is “exclusively intended for electoral processes.”

According to a release issued  on Monday, in the AEP President’s view, the pieces of information according to which the personal data of the Romanian electors abroad could reach the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) “are likely to discourage the exercise of their voting right.”

“The electoral register, managed by the AEP includes the personal data of all enfranchised Romanians. We didn’t place, do not place or will not place this data at the disposal of any entity of the state, except those involved in the organisation and unfolding of these electoral processes, because the legal instruments tell us we are not allowed [to do it],” Mituletu-Buica mentioned.

He also said that the permanent electoral rolls with the Romanian citizens enrolled as voters abroad are being drawn up only for this year’s presidential elections.

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