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May 22, 2022

Iohannis lodges candidacy in the presidential election: We collected over 2.2 million signatures. I want a normal Romania

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Friday upon submitting his candidacy in the presidential election that he collected over 2,200,000 signatures, adding that he wants a normal Romania for all citizens.

“I filed my candidacy for another mandate as President of Romania and (…), together with the PNL [the National Liberal Party] we submitted over 2,200,000 signatures of the Romanians who endorse this candidacy. It is a huge number and this thing pleases me very much. (…) I am very glad that this action of signature collection was achieved, obviously with the support of the PNL and those who wanted to be with us,” President Iohannis stated at the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

Iohannis showed that “it is a complicated period for Romania and a lot of work is needed in order to repair everything that the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] has ruined in these almost three years.”

“Romania’s modernisation is needed, we need modern hospitals, motorways, we need clean schools, an administration which has the citizens at its center and not the public servant body. And all these things must be accomplished, must be re-built and we all have to understand that this thing can simply be called: normal Romania. What I want for my country is a normal Romania, this meaning functional institutions, the observance of the citizens’ rights to the letter. Normal Romania is the country from which the youngsters don’t want to leave, normal Romania is the country in which many of those who left want to return with love and hope,” the head of state also said.

He argued that, through constitutional means and the instruments at his disposal, he managed to prevent “many damages planned by the PSD.”

“Even recently, I had a notable success, very nice, together with Romanians, when we managed, in the referendum of 26 May, together with 6 and a half million Romanians to stop the planned destruction of justice and already partially put into play by the PSD. Now, we are standing here. And there is a need of work for the reconstruction, reset and modernisation of Romania. I am willing to lead this work, I know what needs to be done together with a pro-European government, with a government elected democratically, a government which will undoubtedly be organised around the PNL. I will carry out this work for Romanians. I want this second tenure in order to lead this work of modernisation, Europeanisation, normalization of Romania,” the President stated.

Iohannis added that the PSD should be removed from power through democratic and constitutional means, and in no case otherwise.

“And then we see that we have this majority, this PSD governmental majority achieved following an election. There were the parliamentary election of 2016. Taking into account that the PSD obtained an important result in the parliamentary elections, I assure you that I did what I was able to do. But for Romania, the PSD has been a catastrophe, all the institutions – through incompetence, through bad faith, through the ascent of some political people at their top, who have nothing to do with a serious work dedicated to Romania – these things should be repaired. There are many institutions in Romania that simply should be repaired and this work is a long-term one and it can be achieved, but only in the situation in which the president effectively collaborates with the government, [in the situation] in which the government wants to effectively collaborate with the president. (…) Without me and my presence, the PSD would have really managed to destroy Romania’s justice, would have manage to monopolise the entire Romania and it would have been a catastrophe for many generations,” the head of state also said.

President Klaus Iohannis came at the BEC accompanied by the PNL leaders and MPs, being welcomed by a group of supporters, who chanted his name.

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