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May 6, 2021

PM Dancila: We are not a failed Government, but an efficient one. We won’t go to Parliament when President tells us to go

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Saturday stated that the Government is not a “failed” one, as labelled by President Klaus Iohannis, but an efficient one, and that the economic figures confirm it.

“We are not a failed Government, as the President labelled us. He plays with words. It’s very easy to offend someone. I never offend. We are an efficient government and I take responsibility for my words. We are not a perfect government, we don’t have the arrogance to say that we have solved all problems, but the figures show it – and not the figures that we posted, but those released by the National Institute of Statistics, the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission, the Eurostat – that this government is efficient.”

Dancila also rejected the President’s statement that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was and continues to be a “catastrophe” for Romania.

“If for Mr President catastrophe means raising pensions and salaries, investing in local communities, taking economic growth measures and having the second-highest economic growth in the EU, I believe he must be looking at things from a kind of reverse angle,” said the Prime Minister.


“We won’t go to Parliament when President tells us to go”


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Saturday stated that the Social Democrats will go to Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence for a Government reshuffle, but not when President Klaus Iohannis tells them to go.

“We want to go to Parliament for that Government reshuffle, but not when Mr President tells us to go and not before he observes the Constitution,” said Dancila, who participated in a county conference of the PSD (Social Democratic Party) in Alba, while referring to the fact that the head of the state needs to observe a decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania and appoint interim ministers.

She also replied to all the accusations launched by the President who said that the current government is “a catastrophe,” by saying that “increasing pensions and salaries”, “investing in the local communities,” “taking measures for economic growth,” and having “the second highest economic growth in the EU” doesn’t mean catastrophe.

“I believe that he appreciates things by looking from a reverse angle. For I didn’t see him make the same remarks in respect to the Ciolos Government,” added Viorica Dancila, this time reffering of the European funds absorption rate.


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