SRI conducts antiterrorist exercise at Israel’s Embassy

An antiterrorist exercise organized by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) – as a national authority in the field of terrorism prevention and combating – and partner institutions within the National System of Prevention and Combating Terrorism is taking place on Sunday at the Israeli embassy, informs the SRI.

“The following will be tested: the field response of the relevant authorities, the coordination of activities, but also the joint unfolding of investigative and post-incident measures. A text message will also be sent on the Ro Alert system in the area of the Israeli embassy in Bucharest. Specifically, an armed attack inside the building where the embassy operates is simulated, as well as the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Thus, the response of the embassy protection device was tested, as well as the pyrotechnic intervention. Such exercises are performed relatively frequently by the competent national authorities and are useful to test and validate the cooperation on the ground of the forces involved,” reads the information.

The event is also attended by the ambassador of the State of Israel in Romania, David Saranga.

Photo: Facebook/Serviciul Roman de Informatii

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