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May 16, 2021

Prosecutor General on 11-year-old murdered girl case in Gura Sutii: We don’t have official proof that the Dutch citizen committed suicide

When we do, we will close the case. We will continue to follow all leads concerning him


Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu stated on Tuesday morning, referring to the case of the 11-year-old girl murdered in Gura Sutii, that Romanian authorities are yet to have official proof that the Dutch suspect committed suicide, but that once they do the prosecutors will order the closing of the case, pointing out nevertheless that all leads concerning the suspect will continue to be followed.

“We don’t have official proof he committed suicide. When we have official confirmation, the closing of the case due to the death of the perpetrator will be ordered in what concerns the case in Dambovita,” Bogdan Licu stated, pointing out that at this moment there is only a piece of news from Dutch counterparts and that, even if the case were to be closed, investigators would continue to follow all leads concerning the Dutch citizen’s presence in Romania.

Licu explained that a European probe order was issued in the Gura Sutii case, and Romanian investigators got in touch with their Dutch colleagues, who are very open and helpful.

“We don’t know if there are other victims too, but all leads must be checked, because he has been to Romania at least four times. At this moment we have no information about him having accomplices,” the Prosecutor General stated.

According to Bogdan Licu, at the start of the investigation contacts with Dutch authorities were informal at first.

He pointed out that Romanian authorities were not alerted about the suspect, about his intention to visit Romania or about the fact that he had allegedly been investigated for sexual offences in the Netherlands.

The Dutch citizen suspected of murdering an 11-year-old girl, in Dambovita County, has committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving lorry. Dambovita County prosecutors had charged him with first degree murder, rape and kidnapping.

The Dutch Embassy reacted after the indictment, expressing their regret and announcing that authorities from both countries are in direct contact.

“With great regret the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has learned about the tragic death of a young girl in Gura Sutii. The Netherlands’ authorities stand ready to assist their Romanian partners. The police and judicial authorities of both countries are in direct contact,” the embassy informs.

The Prosecutor General’s Office took over the case on Monday, considering “the elements of extraneity, as well as the fact that the investigations take place across several counties.”

The criminal record of the Dutch citizen suspected of killing an 11-year-old girl in Dambovita County included sexual offences, acts of violence, and driving under the influence. The Romanian Police are verifying whether he had links with child trafficking networks.

The 11-year-old girl from Gura Sutii did not arrive home from school on Friday. She was found dead on Sunday. Investigators have announced that the girl was murdered approximately 30 minutes after she was kidnapped.

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