BEC establishes presidential candidates’ order on ballot

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Saturday established the order on the ballot of the candidates for the presidential elections this November.

According to BEC, the order on the ballots is the following: Klaus Iohannis – National Liberal Party, Theodor Paleologu – People’s Movement Party, Dan Barna – USR-PLUS (Save Romania Union, Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) Alliance, Kelemen Hunor – Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, Viorica Dancila – Social Democratic Party, Catalin Ivan – Alternative for National Dignity, Ninel Peia – Romanian National Party, Sebastian-Constantin Popescu – New Romania Party, John-Ion Banu – Romanian National Party, Mircea Diaconu – UN OM Alliance, Bogdan Marian-Stanoevici – independent, Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels – Humanist Power Party, Viorel Catarama – Liberal Right, Alexandru Cumpanasu – independent.

The order was established by drawing lots.

BEC took note on Friday of the 14 candidates who remain to run in November’s elections, and also of the election signs submitted by the political parties, electoral alliances, citizens’ organisation belonging to the national minorities and independent candidates.

Likewise, the BEC established on Friday that “the candidates nominated by political parties that are parliamentary political parties at the time will take part in the first round of ballot order draws.”

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