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May 17, 2021

PM Dancila: Rovana Plumb still has my unconditional support. Firm support for Rovana Plumb from PSD delegation in S&D Group

The EP’s JURI Committee will convene on Monday, in an extraordinary meeting, to assess the real or potential conflict of interest of Romania and Hungary’s candidates for European Commissioners, namely Rovana Plumb and Laszlo Trocsanyi respectively.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Saturday said Rovana Plumb, whom she proposed for the office of European Commissioner representing Romania, still has her unconditional support.

“Regardless of what has happened in the past few days – both the vote in the European Parliament and especially the reactions at home – I still continue to appreciate and trust Rovana Plumb. She still has my unconditional support,” Dancila wrote on her Facebook page.

The PM added that she has known Rovana Plumb for very many years and she knows she would do her jobs “as best as she could.”

“I have known her for many years, we’ve worked together, and I know that she is a professional and I know that she has always done her job in good-faith. I know that she would do this job of an European Commissioner as best she could and I am certain that for Rovana Plumb, unlike for others, the European interests and policies that contribute to the strengthening of the European projects would always come first, the same as they do for our government. Which is why I hope that the answer of the JURI Committee would be a positive one, according to the proposal made by Romania and supported by the President of the European Commission,” added Viorica Dancila.

In her opinion, over the past few days, the opposition parties showed, because of their stand in relation to this topic, “a Romania devastated by hate” and that “they forgot about the Romanians.”

“Everything that the members of the opposition parties did in the past few days was to show to the entire world a disunited Romania, split between the interest of the country and the small, petty interests of some groups. They showed a Romania that is devastated by hate, interests and fights and forgot all about the Romanians, as they have done every day, for more than one year now. But Romania does not belong to those who disunite and destroy it, not to those who lash out at their own people and forgot about the country’s interest to the benefit of their own ambitions. Romanians see all these things and I trust that they will all see this very clearly in this autumn’s elections,” said the Prime Minister.


Firm support for Rovana Plumb from PSD delegation in S&D Group: She’s in an unprecedented situation created as a result of backstage political games


Romania’s MEPs in the S&D Group in the European Parliament are strongly supporting their colleague Rovana Plumb, Romania’s transport commissioner-designate.

“The MEPs in the Romanian S&D delegation believe that Rovana Plumb is in an unprecedented situation created by backstage politicking that has thrown the validation process of her candidacy in an area of procedural confusion. President of the European Parliament David Sassoli has invited the Committee on Legal Affairs of the EP to come up with solutions to what they argue are ‘unclear things’ in this case, in order for the process of validating Rovana Plumb to go beyond the preliminary phase,” the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said Sunday in a press statement.

The PSD MEPs say that under the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament, the Legal Committee should have made a series of recommendations to help the candidate to resolve any unclear things.

“The recommendations can go as far as telling the candidate to give up assets or actions that would create potential conflicts of interest or find financial solutions to settle any potential conflict. Ultimately, the JURI Committee may even suggest changing the portfolio. None of these steps has been taken so far. As a result, the committee’s meeting on Monday can bring all the necessary clarifications to Romania and Hungary’s commissioners designate.”

According to the MEPs, Plumb is “a serious and well-versed candidate with an innovative vision for the future of transport in the European Union.” The press statement is signed by MEPs Carmen-Gabriela Avram, Iulian-Claudiu Manda, Cristian-Vasile Terhes, Dan Nica, Maria Grapini, Tudor Ciuhodaru and Adrian-Dragos Benea.


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