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July 2, 2022

My Fair Lady, the most beloved musical of all time, will enchant audience on October 2 at the Palace Hall

From the first time when it was staged on Broadway, in 1956, until today, the musical “My Fair Lady” continues to conquer generations of viewers, being called “the perfect musical” by the critics.

If you want to spend a relaxing evening, full of humor, with your family or your friends, we suggest you to watch one of the most long-lasting and successful musicals of all time – “My Fair Lady”, directed by Ravan Ioan Dinca.

On Wednesday, October 2, starting at 19.30, the stage of the palace Hall will gain new dimensions, becoming the great place for a total show, where theater, music and dance combine in a perfect harmony.

Being accompanied by the live orchestra led by Conductor Daniel Jinga, the protagonists of the production, Irina Baiant, Ernest Fazekas, Aura Calarasu, Adrian Nour, Ecaterina Ladin, Ionut Burlan, Filip Ristovski, Irina Bucescu and Ovidiu Usvat, along with other more than 70 artists, will conquer all your senses and bring you beyond the limits of a conventional musical.

Having impressive decorative elements, 200 costumes, remarkable musical and choreographic moments, the show “My Fair Lady” masterfully portrays the ambiance of the London squares and the fascinating and sinuous love story between a phonetics teacher and a simple florist.

So, we are waiting for you on October 2, at the Palace Hall, to witness a really special show, spiced with romance, unexpected and funny situations and impossible love relationships. “My Fair Lady” is one of the greatest private musical productions in Romania and represents the joy of music and dance. The story of Eliza Doolittle about love and change inspires the audience of all ages.

The musical “My Fair Lady” is based on the text of the theater play “Pygmalion” written by George Bernard Shaw, whose main character is a figure of the Greek mythology, Pygmalion, who felt in love with a sculpture that he created, and the sculpture came to life. Shaw wrote the play in 1912, and the premiere took place at Hofburg Theatre from Vienna, on October 16, 1913.

The tickets that are still available can be purchased from the Iabilet.ro network and from the Flanco, Diverta, Carturesti stores, from the Unirii 1 metro station, the Muzica store, IQ BOX, Uman, Libmag, Casa de Balet, from the Selfpay terminals, at different prices, depending on the seat category.

The viewers who want to attend this show with their loved ones can take advantage of the “Friends and family” bundles, for which a special price is applied. For more than 8 tickets purchased, the customer will benefit from a 20% discount, while a 15% discount will be applied for more than 4 tickets purchased.



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