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October 23, 2021

PSD’s Dancila: The no-confidence motion will not pass, I’ve seen this film before

Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila declared on Monday that the censure motion will not clear Parliament, pointing out that she has already “seen the film of the eternal motion”, which, until now, has mostly broken down and divided the Opposition rather than the Government.”

“These people are fighting a major battle against everything that is in Romania’s interest. Like the right-wing parties, the new people, who have struggled for months to agree on the text of the censure motion and bring down the government – just as chaotic as 3 months ago, just as weak, as damaging to Romanians and the society. I have seen this film before. The film of the eternal censure motion, which, until now, has mostly broken down and divided the Opposition rather than the Government.They have tried before and have become a laughingstock at the vote. Because not all MPs are queuing up behind the so-called future prime minister, Mr. Orban. Not all find themselves in the Opposition’s austerity projection, the massive cuts in people’s incomes. Not all are comfortable with the total lack of vision and team and do not feel represented by this alliance of opportunism. That is why the last motion did not pass and neither will this one. To be clear: this motion will not pass,” said Prime Minister Dancila, in a press statement held at the PSD headquarters.

She added that people of good faith cannot give a real vote of back up and support “for nothing”.

“The arrogance they are showing now has once before cost them the shame of seeing their much-trumpeted motion fail. They will go through that again, because they have not learned the lesson of responsibility,” the prime minister said.

On Monday, National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban stated for MEDIAFAX that the no confidence motion for dismissing the Dancila Government will most likely be submitted on Tuesday. Asked about how many signatures does the motion have now, Ludovic Orban answered: “On the date when the motion will be submitted, there will be more than 237 signatures”.

“We managed to collect 237 signatures today, four more than the number of votes required for the no-confidence motion to succeed. In addition to this threshold, we are continuing our talks with ten more independent or national minority parliamentarians, in order to raise this number so that we would be sure we are putting an end to this Government. I haven’t actually talked with all of them individually, but I’ve talked with many of them and I’m confident that those who signed [the motion] will vote for the no-confidence motion, and it’s not possible for any of the parliamentarians involved in this demarche to sign and then not vote,” Orban stated last Wednesday.

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