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March 4, 2021

Opposition tables no-confidence motion in Parliament. Debate and vote to take place on Saturday at 11:00 hrs

The censure motion initiated by the Opposition against the Dancila Government, was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

The motion, entitled “In order to rebuild Romania, the Dancila Government must be urgently dismissed!” has 237 signatures from the National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR), People’s Movement Party (PMP), PRO Romania, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the national minorities, but also from former PSD MPs.

As many as 233 votes are required for the censure motion to be adopted by Parliament.

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, in a joint sitting, may withdraw the confidence granted to the Government by adopting a censure motion, with the vote of the majority of the deputies and senators. The censure motion is debated after three days from the date it was presented in the joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament.


Debate and vote to take place on Saturday at 11:00 hrs


The Standing Bureaus of the two chambers of Parliament decided on Wednesday, in the absence of the Opposition representatives, that the debate and vote of the censure motion will take place on Saturday, as of 11:00hrs.

The motion will be read on Wednesday, at 15:00hrs, Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Florin Iordache stated.


ALDE signs no-confidence  motion, but doesn’t want in government. Pro Romania doesn’t want Orban as PM


Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Tuesday that the MPs of the party he leads have signed the censure motion, but stressed that ALDE will not go into government, and the Liberals will have to form a minority executive.

“We will not go into government. Probably the PNL [the National Liberal Party] will have to make a minority government and surely there will have to be discussions about what this government that will have to receive the vote in Parliament, will undertake hereinafter. (…) I have asked my colleagues to reflect very seriously on the conditions that we will demand from the future government that will come to Parliament to get the vote of confidence,” said Tariceanu, after the meeting of the ALDE Central Political Bureau.

According to Tariceanu, the MPs will not agree on a formula that will lead to early elections.

The leader of PRO Romania, Victor Ponta, said on Tuesday that he will not vote for a government with liberal Ludovic Orban as Prime Minister, stating that, after adopting the censure motion, his choice goes to a center-left government, made up of PRO Romania, ALDE and PSD (the Social Democratic party) but without Dancila and Fifor.

“Our option is to talk about a one-year government, until the elections, of a center-left government, as voted in 2016, without Mrs. Dancila, without Mr. Fifor,” Ponta said.

The former prime minister said that the only option he takes into account to govern, after the censure motion passes, is a PSD, ALDE and PRO Romania government.


Ponta: Standing Bureaus convene tomorrow, we’ll set commonsensical timetable


Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta has stated that the Standing Bureaus will convene on Wednesday and a timetable will be set for the no-confidence motion that could be put to the vote next Monday or Tuesday. Once the incumbent Government is ousted, he wants the new Executive to be a left-wing one, but without Viorica Dancila and her team.

Ponta stated on Tuesday that the incumbent Government is basically dead and hinders Romania from making progress.

“I’m still trying, and I talk every day with other former colleagues from the PSD, to persuade them that this Government is basically dead, it hinders Romania from making progress, it creates only crises, and we must have a different Government, one that I envision as still being a left-wing Government but without Mrs Dancila, without her team, with competent people, professionals who would fix in one year some of the bad things that have been done in the last three years,” Ponta said.

The Pro Romania leader pointed out that the no-confidence motion has chances to pass.

“I’ve been through many motions since I became parliamentarian. I believe that, just like in 2012, this motion has serious chances to pass, and we must already think about what comes after. The most important thing after that is to make a budget for 2020 – not like the 2019 budget which was obviously based on false documents and data –, a budget that would ensure that both the social and economic aspects are nevertheless re-launched in Romania,” the ex-Premier explained.


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