Prosecutor Felix Banila resigns from DIICOT leadership. Geogiana Hosu will ensure the interim

Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) chief-prosecutor Felix Banila on Wednesday announced he decided to resign, while claiming at the same time that he didn’t fail in doing his job in the “Caracal” case, which is not a case that he couldn’t have handled.

“I decided to submit my resignation of honor from chief-prosecutor of the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism and I already sent it to the Minister of Justice, following the same legal steps as those followed during my appointment to this office, and the Minister of Justice will decide the opportuneness of immediately sending it to the President of Romania, in order to be approved and taken note of it, in view of issuing the decree on my release from office, until which date I will continue to do my job at DIICOT,” Banila told a press release.


JusMin Birchall: I told Banila it was unacceptable how he acted at Melencu family’s home


Minister of Justice Ana Birchall stated on Wednesday she had several discussions with Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) chief-prosecutor Felix Banila, during which she voiced her discontent with the manner in which he acted last week at the Melencu family’s home.

“I had a conversation with him over the phone and yesterday we discussed again about this matter, and I told him that I think he acted of a totally unacceptable manner at the Melencu family’s home. For it is unacceptable to operate like this. You know that it’s important to observe the law and this is what I told Mr Banila too. We observe the law, but we also need to respect people’s suffering, the tragedy they are living, and it doesn’t cost us a thing to act like human beings,” said Birchall, at the Ministry of Justice.

She also said she voiced her dissatisfaction with the requests made with respect to the measures meant to combat crime.

“Yes, I also said I was dissatisfied with several aspects. First of all, I asked for firm measures to be taken, more than 2 months ago, to combat crime and related forms – regardless if we are referring to human trafficking, exploitation of minors, cyber crimes and other such crimes. I asked for firm measures, including for combating these clans that the mass-media brings to the public attention,” said the Minister of Justice.

A team of policemen and gendarmes last Friday tried to carry out a summon for Monica Melencu, to bring her to the DIICOT Craiova headquarters, but the woman refused to go, she also got sick, and her father too, and an ambulance was needed to provide medical care.


DIICOT deputy chief prosecutor Hosu to take over interim at DIICOT helm


Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) deputy chief prosecutor Giorgiana Hosu will ensure the interim at the helm of institution after the decree on Felix Banila’s release form office will be published, judiciary sources told AGERPRES.

According to the procedure, after Banila’s resignation, the interim at the DIICOT should be ensured by one of his deputies.

There are two deputy chief prosecutors with the DIICOT, namely Giorgiana Hosu and Oana Schmidt-Haineala, but the latter is not appointed to this office, only delegated.



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