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May 20, 2022

PSD’s Dancila: CCR agrees with Gov’t. I ask the President to immediately appoint interim ministers

Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viroica Dancila argued on Wednesday that the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) agreed with the Government in its latest decisions and requested the head of state to immediately appoint the interim ministers and motivate in writing his rejections.

“The CCR agrees with the Government, the President breached the Constitution flagrantly. I ask the President to immediately, and not soon, appoint the interim ministers, because we have all seen what “soon” means for Klaus Iohannis. I also ask him, just as the Court decided, to motivate in writing the rejections he made, which was the normal thing to do in the first place. He should take a short break from having photo shoots, book launches and campaign meetings at the PNL [the National Liberal Party] headquarters and remember that he is still the incumbent president and he has constitutional attributions that he is obliged to meet,” Dancila told a press statement at the PSD headquarters.

She also quoted the CCR reasoning that said “the blockage practiced by President Iohannis for more than one month against the Government.”

“The manner in which candidate Klaus Iohannis relates to his constitutional obligations is worrying, which is also shown by the CCR reasoning, which establishes, in relation to the rejection of a professional for the Minister of Justice office that, and I quote: ‘the terms used in the public statement have nothing to do with the role and importance of the president of the state and undermine the honor and dignity of a social professional category that enjoys constitutional protection’. Moreover, and I believe this is a first in Romania, the CCR magistrates established that the current President contradicts himself in public statements,” the PM added.

Dancila stated that the head of state is in electoral campaign.

“Although the President says that he is not the one appointing ministers, in the given situation, he rejects them through subjective appraisals and political statements from the tribune of the Presidential Administration. What does this mean, if not electoral campaign? What is this, if not demagogy and the violation of the Constitution,” Dancila also said.

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