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December 10, 2022

PNL’s Orban: We have commitments to vote for the motion from seven more MPs. 244 is a bit more comfortable. PM Dancila: Motion won’t pass, counting on people of good faith

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday, in Focsani, that the motion of no confidence in the Government, tabled by the Opposition, has high chances to pass, and he has seven more commitments to vote for the motion from MPs who are not among the 237 who have signed the document.

Asked about the motion’s chances to pass and whether he relies solely on the 237 votes of the signatories, Orban expressed optimism.

“Very high [chances]. We still have had very many talks with MPs who did not sign the no-confidence motion, and I can tell you that at this moment we even have commitments to vote for the motion from seven more MPs. I believe that, as a score, 237 plus 7 – 244 – is a bit more comfortable,” Orban stated.

Asked about the UDMR’s announced use of secret ballots, Ludovic Orban stated that the UDMR never asked their MPs to vote via open ballots.

“In 30 years, UDMR’s leadership never asked UDMR MPs to vote openly, it is a custom within the UDMR group. On the other hand, also in these 30 years, all official decisions taken by UDMR’s leadership were observed by UDMR MPs. Consequently, I’m not nervous at all as regards the votes of UDMR MPs. Of course, we know, we have signals from many parliamentarians, that the Government, via various messengers, are trying to promise the Moon to the MPs who signed the no-confidence motion, with the intent to determine them not to show up at the vote,” Orban said.

The PNL leader added that he is not aware of any of the 237 signatories taking a decision other than to vote for the no-confidence motion.

Asked what will happen after the motion, Orban said that the main objective is to put an end to the PSD Government.

“Our main objective is to put an end to this Government. As regards the National Liberal Party’s options, I have presented them publicly dozens of times so far. If some haven’t heard it, it means they don’t watch the media. Our first option consists of snap elections. If it’s possible to hold snap elections. This would entail a political agreement between many partners, because two successive Governments would have to be rejected by Parliament. In case a political agreement is not reached, the National Liberal Party is ready to assume the responsibility of governing, namely to form a Government centred on the National Liberal Party,” Orban went on to say.

The PNL leader added that “after the no-confidence motion succeeds, the Romanian President, in accordance with constitutional provisions, will trigger consultations at the Cotroceni Palace. Following these consultations, he will present a solution, and the National Liberal Party will back the solution presented by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.”


PM Dancila: Motion won’t pass, counting on people of good faith


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, in eastern Vaslui on Sunday says she has no emotion as regards the censure motion, that is to be debated and voted next week in the Parliament, adding that she counts on the people of good faith who know what stability in Romania means.

Dancila said that after the censure motion she will come up to the Parliament with a Gov’t reshuffle.

She also reminded president Iohannis that he still has to appoint the interim ministers for the portfolios left vacant by the former ruling ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats).

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