No-confidence motion will be debated and subject to voting on Thursday morning .Orban: A decisive week begins. It’s possible that 247 parliamentarians will vote for the motion

The no confidence motion will be debated and subject to voting in the joint plenary session of the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate on Thursday, starting at 10.00. The required number for the motion to pass is 233 parliamentarians.

Former Social Democrat parliamentarians Mihaita Gaina, Emanoil Savin, Ioan Talpos and PSD MP Marius Bota are among the signatories of the no confidence motion.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban announced that it’s possible that 247 parliamentarians will vote for the no confidence motion against the Dancila Government. The PNL leader mentioned that there are no signals that the signatories of the motion will not participate in voting.

“The decisive week begins. PNL is fully mobilized to ensure the success of the no confidence motion. All the PNL parliamentarians will be present and will vote on sight in favor of the no confidence motion. Also, the negotiation teams of PNL will continue the discussions throughout this week with independent parliamentarians, PSD parliamentarians or parliamentarians belonging to the national minorities’ group, in order to convince an as large as possible number of parliamentarians, in addition to the 237 ones who have signed the motion, to come to voting and vote for the no confidence motion”, Ludovic Orban stated at the end of the Monday’s PNL BEX meeting, which took place at the Parliament.

The Liberal Chairman also said that “there are 244 parliamentarians, it’s our calculation, if the three parliamentarians who announced that will join Pro Romania will also vote for the no confidence motion, we can say there are 247 parliamentarians. Also, as for our voting apparatus, there are no signals until now regarding the non-participation in voting of any of the signatories”.


Liberal leader considers criminal offence PM Dancila’s promise to MPs to sway them


National leader of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban on Monday warned the Social Democrats, at rule, claiming that any promise of money or public offices made to lawmakers to change their political option on the censure motion is a criminal offence.

“I am publicly warning the PSD chairperson, the PSD negotiators, that any promise of money or public office to lawmakers to change their political option is a criminal offence, so we are asking them to refrain from the practices with which they accustomed us with, because the chances of such practices are nil; we will continue talks, we will continue the negotiations and we will try to convince lawmakers who have not signed on the censure motion to join this salutary action for Romania, because, in my opinion, any lawmaker who will vote on the censure motion will be a lawmaker appreciated by the public,” said Orban, after a meeting of the PNL Executive Bureau.

He said that he counted on the positive votes of 244 MPs on the censure motion.

According to him, discussions on a possible governing formula will take place after the censure motion. “The official position of PNL and the negotiating mandate will be established on Friday. I will convene today the National Political Bureau of the party [for Friday], which is the forum that debates and gives the mandate to the delegation that will represent PNL in the negotiations with the President, but our goal today is to make sure that the censure motion succeeds,” said Orban.

He added that on Monday afternoon there will be simultaneous events at each PNL county chapter to mark the beginning of electioneering for the presidential election.


Dancila: I talked with the PSD parliamentarians who signed the motion. Sanctions are out of any question



Viorica Dancila stated on Monday that she talked with the PSD parliamentarians who signed the no confidence motion and asked them to be more responsible, mentioning that they will not be sanctioned. The Prime Minister added that she also met ALDE and Pro Romania parliamentarians.

“I talked with parliamentarians. I tried to have a fair talk with them. I asked them to be more responsible. I told them that Romania needs stability and I don’t see any alternative. We waive a governing program to do what? It was important to me to talk with people that I know. I wanted to know their opinion. I talked with them, we’ll see what they will do at the motion. Sanctions are out of any question. I am sure that the most tough sanction will be given by people. Think about the fact that each candidate obtained the senator or deputy position being supported by the citizens in his or her county. They will have to explain them why they voted this sanction, if measures will be taken in the next austerity period, they are part of these measures because they voted for this motion”, Viorica Dancila stated after the meeting of the PSD parliamentary groups.

PM added that she also talked with the ALDE and Pro Romania parliamentarians.

“I also talked with ALDE and Pro Romania parliamentarians. There were people who wanted to have a discussion. I wanted to understand what happened. Nobody cares for a long time ago about what Mr. Ponta is saying. I never heard from anyone more lies than I heard from Mr. Ponta”, Dancila pointed out.



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