RePatriot Summit in Bucovina. Romanian entrepreneurs’ from all over the world message: We believe in Romania

Many times, Romania is more attractive to foreign investors than to its own citizens, was one of the central messages of the fourth edition of the RePatriot Summit, which took place at Gura Humorului between October 3 and 6.

The event was attended by more than 200 Romanians from Diaspora, representatives of the local authorities and of the Presidency and businessmen from Romania. The moderators of the event were Marius Bostan, the initiator of RePatriot, and Felix Patrascanu, a member of the RBL Board of Directors. Throughout the 4 days, those who were present analyzed Romania’s situation, they shared their own projects, made plans for new profitable businesses for Romania and said what they could do further.

Regarding Romania’s attractiveness, the President of Romanian Business Leaders, Dragos Rosca, pointed out that Romania is one of the few European countries who have grown more than five times in the last 20 years. “Except for the crisis period, we have 20 years of uninterrupted growth”, Dragos Rosca stated. Also, last year, Romania’s GDP exceeded the one of Hungary and Czech Republic. In the first six months of this year, the direct foreign investments increased by 10%, respectively 30%. “I believe that in the next 20 years, Romania’s GDP will increase by at least three times”, Dragos Rosca added.

The lack of trust will be countered through the 11 strategic RePatriot projects and the next action steps for Romania. These projects include:

RePatriot Turism. The call to all the Romanians from Diaspora to urge a foreigner to visit Romania was launched in Bucovina. The panel moderated by Dragos Anastasiu, the experience from Toaca Bellevue, Best Western Bucovina and the monasteries in the vicinity made the trust increase in the fact that the number of tourists in our country can double in the coming years. –

RePatriot Jobs. The need of reliable people, qualified craftsmen who love their work and smart managers in both the private sector and the state sector are awaited to come Home. Important businessmen will support the RePatriot project, along with big companies and specialized recruitment companies. Well-paid jobs will be promoted, hoping that we will have more Romanians at Home. –

“RePatriot expects the next Government to promote the jobs in the public sector also to those who left the country, and we will have more and more competent people in office. We have strong promises and we believe that we will strengthen Romania in the next 5 years” stated the RePatriot initiator, Marius Bostan.

RePatriot – Top 100 Romanians from All Over the World. The exceptional Gala of October 4 brought in front of the audience 100 extraordinary Romanians who received standing ovation. Romanian excellence from all over the world will be appreciated and praised –

RePatriot Medical. The RePatriot initiative was strengthened through the panel in which Wargha Enayati, the founder of Regina Maria, remarkably pleaded for Romania and the trust in Romania –

RePatriot Zilele Diasporei (e.n. – RePatriot Diaspora Days). The importance of the partnership with the local administration and of attracting Diaspora in investment projects was reiterated. The activity of the administration of Suceava and other places in Romania was noted. –

RePatriot Regenerare Urbana (e.n. – Repatriot Urban Regeneration). It’s a new project that will focus the activities carried out until today, based on the belief that Romanians are coming back to cities or communities that are as smart as possible designed and developed. Private capital and fair and smart partnership are the solution for Romania.

RePatriot Summit 2020. The fifth edition of the summit will take place from October 1 to 4 and will begin in Bucharest, connecting the Romanians from everywhere with their country.

RePatriot Matching. A connectivity solution as good as possible will be generated next year, hoping that it will also be the basis for launching business opportunities and will work as a platform for various projects – country-as-a-platform.

RePatriot Conferinte (e.n. – RePatriot Conferences). It will continue in several places in the world and in Romania to provide direct advice, support, interaction in order to send the message: We Believe in Romania. –

RePatriot Youth. New supportive actions for students and youngsters, connected with other activities of Romanian Business Leaders.

RePatriotAI. The Project for the Development of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Romania will move to the next level, generating specific sub-projects that involve experts, entrepreneurs, companies and researchers from all over the world –

Gheorghe Flutur also stated at RePatriot Summit Bucovina: “A new street in Suceava will be named Repatriot in the name of those who left the country and who didn’t forget their roots”.

These initiatives, along with others, are projects that are being developed, in which RePatriot wants to attract more support. There are also special projects for which the next steps have been drawn, without being revealed yet to the public.

“The President is watching you, in the sense that he cares and he counts on each one of us to make Romania a better country, a normal country”, stated the State Counselor of the Department for the Relation with Romanians Abroad, Sandra Pralong, at the opening event of the Summit.

The Chairman of the Suceava County Council, Gheorghe Flutur, spoke about the need to attract more investments in the North-East region, the least developed in the country at the moment. He presented Bucovina’s opportunities to the Romanians in Diaspora willing to come back: tourism, food industry, textile industry and automotive industry. “Bucovina is the third touristic destination, in terms of the number of accommodation places, after the seaside and Brasov. This year, we will have half a million tourists in Bucovina”, stated the Chairman of the Suceava County Council.

The founder and the CEO BOK Construction & Autoboca Rent a Car, Constantin Boca, a Romanian who developed a construction business in the UK and who plans to repatriate himself for good in the next three years. With his brother Constantin, he started in 2007 to invest in Romania, too. He started with a restaurant and continued with a rent-a-car company and with a business in the construction field. He also said that right after he emigrated, he helped around 1,000 people to go abroad and find a job, and no he is focused on their repatriation. “I am very proud that I could bring Romanians back home”, the entrepreneur said.

The local authorities who were present urged the construction companies of the Romanians abroad to participate in the public tenders, “because we have work to do and we don’t have enough workforce”.

On the other hand, “the import of healthy mentality from Diaspora is at least equally important as the financial support provided to Romania by those who have left”, the co-founder of FAN Courier, Felix Patrascanu added.

“Those of us who are repatriot in spirit, go back to the adoption countries with a higher enthusiasm for implementing practical solutions in order to internationalize the Romanian products, after we have been connected with high-quality Romanian producers, here, at RePatriot Summit”, Dana Bucin, Partner Murtha Cullina LLP and the Honorary Consul of Romania in the USA, Connecticut, stated.

Among the participants, there have also been entrepreneurs from Diaspora who benefitted from the Diaspora Start-up program, a program inspired by the RePatriot action and initiated in 2016, by which more than 1000 new companies have been established by the Romanians abroad.

RePatriot is a Romanian Business Leaders – RBL project, the only association of Romanian businessmen, aiming to bring back in Romania the successful Romanians from abroad.


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