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May 25, 2022

No-confidence motion clears Parliament, Dancila Gov’t dismissed

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies gathered on Thursday in a joint meeting to debate and vote on the no-confidence  motion tabled against the government headed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

A total of 298 lawmakers registered their attendance at the plenary session, announced Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Marcel Ciolacu, who chairs today’s sitting.

Premier Viorica Dancila and Cabinet members are present.

The motion titled “For us to rebuild Romania, the Dancila Government must be urgently dismissed!” is presented in the plenary by deputy of the Save Romania Union Cristian Seidler.

According to Liberal leader Ludovic Orban, the motion was signed by 237 MPs from the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Save Romania Union (USR), the People’s Movement Party (PMP), PRO Romania, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the national minorities, and two Social Democrat lawmakers.

The initiators of the censorship motion demand the Parliament’s vote for the dismissal of the “the most harmful” government of the last 30 years, and say that immediately after this the opposition will propose “the best government solution for the Romanians”; this is seen as a “lean government” with 15 ministries.

The vote on the motion will be secret.

The no-confidence  motion needs 233 votes in order to pass.


PM Viorica Dancila: Motion – signed by same amateurish, irresponsible people


The censure motion is signed by the same amateurish, irresponsible people who want to bring down the Government without coming up with their homework done, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said in Parliament’s plenary session debate on Thursday.

“I am looking in the hall and I see the same amateurish and irresponsible people. You haven’t changed much since we were in the same context in which I, personally, thought you had learned something. I thought you understood that you cannot come in Parliament to bring down a Government with unfinished homework, that you cannot defy the Romanians again, that it is mandatory to come with a government team and a governing program, if you wanted to rebuild Romania, as you so loftily say in the the text of the censure motion. So far it is clear to us how you want to bring it down. (…) How are you going to rebuild, esteemed signatories of the motion? Unfortunately, you haven’t understood a thing,” said the prime minister.

Viorica Dancila denounced “the blind fight started by the most irresponsible president Romania has ever known, acting against his own people.”

The prime minister pointed out that the text of the motion is “an incoherent mix of falsehoods”.

“I have read the text of the motion and I can say that it represents you completely. It is, just like the group of its signatories, an incoherent mix of falsehoods. It is a very weak piece of patchwork, with no figures, no accurate data, full of subjective appreciations and demagogy which perfectly shows this project’s improvisation character and lack of seriousness. Again, esteemed colleagues, you play at governing. You are the only Opposition in history that managed to submit its motion and then run away from voting. You have made fools of yourselves in front of your own electorate when I invited you to vote on this act as soon as possible. If this endeavor was not worth sacrificing a Saturday, best of luck in explaining to people how you will govern and how you will rebuild Romania!,” said premier Dancila.

She stated  that the Opposition does not truly want to govern Romania and asked her detractors to let Government continue its job and continue the reforms it started.

“Do not underestimate the Social Democrat Party! Don’t believe we will ever stop, in power or in the Opposition, fighting against you, those who wish to divide Romania and see it poor again. And because I personally do not believe you truly want to govern this country, I urge you to imagine the scenario of elections next year with the PSD in opposition and you, the alliance of amateurs, in government. You were crushed before, you know how it is. Thus, esteemed colleagues, let the Government do its job and continue the measures and reforms started. Remain in the Opposition, where, thankfully, all your threats and ideas remain just words. In government, esteemed colleagues, you’d be a true disaster and a danger to this country!,” Viorica Dancila told the joint plenary session of Parliament.


USR’s Barna: Today, Parliament is taking political exam in front of citizens


Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna said on Thursday that he believes the vote for the censure motion represents “a political exam of Parliament”, adding that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is leading “one of the most incompetent governments of the past 30 years.

“Today, the Parliament of Romania is taking its political exam in front of the citizens. Today we have the chance to pass that exam and all of Romania is watching us. Ms. Prime Minister, your appointment was a mistake. I did not support you then, I will not do it today and I believe that’s no surprise. You were not ready in any way for the position of Prime Minister and, in this year and a half, you haven’t learned much, though many opportunities came. You are leading by far one of the most incompetent governments in the past 30 years,” said Barna in the Parliament’s plenum.

He announced that all the party’s parliamentarians are present at the joint sitting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, with one exception, voicing his optimism about the passing of the censure motion.

“My colleagues will all be present at the motion. We have only one colleague who has a major medical problem and cannot attend. Otherwise, we are all here, we will vote openly, transparently. At USR there is no risk. We are on bloc on a single message: Romania must get well. The first step is to pass the motion against the Dancila Government, after which we can enter early elections, so that in 3-4 months we will get out of the political crisis. I am very optimistic, I trust that the motion will pass,” Barna said.

He added that, through this censure motion, Parliament has a “chance” to take down the Dancila Government.

“We see the threats, the blackmail. We have all heard the records and statements of Mrs. Dancila. At the moment, Romania is actually run by an organized criminal group. At the moment, it is a great chance for the Parliament of Romania to resolve this situation”, said USR leader.


Tariceanu: All ALDE MPS are present and will vote the motion


All the MPs of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) are present and will vote on the censure motion, said the party’s leader, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, on Thursday.

“Today the motion will pass, rest assured. (…) After the motion passes, as you know, the president must start consultations with the political parties, after which he will appoint a prime minister, a prime minister who should prepare a governing program to submit to Parliament for approval, together with the Government list,” said Tariceanu.

He stated that ALDE would support a National Liberal Party (PNL) transitional Government, but will not be part of the Executive.

“It seems to me that we have two solutions: a political solution based on a political Government and a technocratic solution that displeases me, I do not trust it. The political solution should be based on those who initiated the motion – PNL”, explained Tariceanu.


ALDE leader , addressing PM Dancila: There is life even after no longer being prime minister


ALDE chair told the plenary session of Parliament at the debate on the censure motion that “there is life even after Viorica Dancila no longer is prime minister”, adding that she still has the chance to remain in history as the first woman premier.

“I did not have the slightest intention to take the floor today, at the motion’s debate, for one simple reason: we’ve partners for two and a half years. (…) You gave a speech in which you attacked me in an ungraceful way. I was expecting something else from a person who spent nine years in Brussels. Political science says that a prime minister worthy of this position refers to topics, not people,” said Tariceanu.

He accused Viorica Dancila of “recruiting” MPs from ALDE and not only from there.

“Mrs. still Prime Minister was telling us at the beginning of the summer, more than a year and a half since taking office, that she hadn’t been herself, that she had been afraid, that she had been compelled to follow a line she didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t identify with. What should I understand now? That this is the line that characterizes her? That this is her personal line? All the games that you have conducted to recruit ALDE members, MPs, to put some in parliamentary positions, nominate others as ministers. Is this your style? I am very sorry! This is a style of a third world country and I was under the impression that Romania, is however, headed to the West and not the East. Finally, considering that 70 percent of Romania’s population believes that Romania is going in the wrong direction, you have the opportunity today, Ms. Dancila, to remain in history either as the first woman prime minister and make an honourable exit or you have, on the contrary, the option for people to remember you as someone who is forcefully being held hostage at the Victoria Palace,” the ALDE leader added.


PNL’s Turcan to Dancila: You are a private person who abusively holds a high dignity


Floor leader of the Liberal deputies Raluca Turcan stated at the debate on the censure motion that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is “a private person who abusively holds a high dignity” and the censure motion amounts to a warrant to bring the government before Parliament.

“I think this is the last time when I am addressing an illegitimate prime minister who has trampled upon the expectations of an entire country of advancing further towards Europe and not to return to the lawlessness of the transition years. I think this is the last time an illegitimate prime minister threatens their party colleagues with the opening of criminal files, in the style coined by Liviu Dragnea. Today, the threatened ones have the chance to escape the captivity created by the one who was in her turn held captive by a criminal convict,” Turcan said.

She argued that “under the cloak of this government’s incompetence, lawlessness makes the law.”

Turcan accused Dancila of lying, misinformation, maintaining the economic mechanism of confidence betrayal since the previous elections, using public money for personal and political interest.

“Let this be clear for the PSD propaganda! No PNL government will cut anything from Romania’s hardworking and honest people,” assured the senior Liberal, adding that the current Executive has no authority anymore.


Ponta: The Gov’t no longer exists


The Government no longer exists, as of Friday its activity ceases, said Pro Romania leader, Deputy Victor Ponta, in Parliament’s joint plenary sitting.

“It is a very strange motion – theoretically it puts down a government, but we have no government anymore. Not to mention the fact that we no longer have Minister of the Interior, we have no Minister for Education, the Environment, Energy. We are talking about a government which no longer exists and which, whatever you do, today or tomorrow it ceases its activity. (…) I have never heard of a prime minister to call a hundred parliamentarians to tell them they will be ministers. (…) I think we have a duty today to bury the dead,” said Ponta, when discussing the censure motion.

He claimed that he learned from Prime Minister Dancila that he is “a very bad man”.

“I found out that I am a very bad man from Mrs. Dancila. I am indeed a bad man because I put her on the list in 2014. But a bad man, Liviu Dragnea, put her prime minister,” said Victor Ponta.


UDMR’s Kelemen: The current Government no longer has the necessary resources


The current Government no longer has the necessary resources, neither professional nor political ones, to continue its activity, not being validated by the Parliament either, after the exit of ALDE from power, said Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor on Thursday.

“The political situation is relatively simple, but we, the politicians, complicate it to a greater extent. (…) On the one hand, it is very clear that this Government no longer has the necessary internal resources, neither professional nor political ones. It no longer has the fuel to continue ruling. It is useless to try, we do not see the premises of good governing, which should be the sole purpose of a government. It is not to be understood that there might be something personal, but we simply find that this Government is exhausted. (…) If the Government fails to enforce the legislation in effect, it is clear that it no longer has the necessary force to govern,” said Kelemen Hunor, in Parliament’s joint plenary session debating the censure motion.

On the other hand, the leader of the UDMR has shown, after the departure of ALDE from government, the political composition of the Government has changed, but this executive has no majority, left in a formula invalidated by Parliament.


Tomac: A PMP senator will come by ambulance to vote the motion


The chairman of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, announced, on Thursday, before the debate of the censure motion, that all PMP MPs are present and will vote in favor of the motion, claiming that senator Vasile Cristian Lungu, who was scheduled for surgery, will come by ambulance in Parliament to express his vote.

“All PMP MPs are present, they will all vote in the open for the fall of the Government. We even have a colleague, scheduled for surgery today, senator Lungu, and he requested, on his own responsibility, to come and have the ambulance bring him at the moment of the vote. We understand the stake and the responsibility that everyone has regarding this important vote in an important electoral context and all PMP MPs are present and will vote for the fall of the Dancila Government,” Tomac stated.

He said that if the motion passes there will be surely a long period of negotiations, and this crisis will conclude only after the second round of the presidential elections.


No-confidence motion clears Parliament, Dancila Gov’t dismissed


The censure motion against the Dancila Government was adopted by Parliament on Thursday.

A number of 238 votes in favour were registered, Pro Romania Deputy Catalin Nechifor announc

Immediately after the official counting,  National Liberal Party announced in a Facebook post, that the censure motion against the government has cleared Parliament.

“We have thrown overboard a government that became illegitimate, putting an end to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) governance, which was not exercised to the interests of the citizens, as the Social Democrats were concerned about saving the criminals and the welfare of their own cronies. PNL has relentlessly fought for three years against the PSD abuses, filing censure motions, simple motions, and notifying the Constitutional Court and the Venice Commission. With today’s victory, we take the first step towards ‘normal Romania.’ A normal Romania is a country led by honest, respected and honest politicians and civil servants, elected or promoted on the basis of proven skills, who are aware of the public service for which they have been elected or employed,” reads PNL’s post.

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