President Iohannis calls motion clearing Parliament a great success, invites parliamentary parties for consultations on Friday

President Klaus Iohannis has announced that he will ask parliamentary parties for a first round of consultations on Friday, adding that there is an urgent need for a government, after the censure motion against the Dancila government cleared Parliament on Thursday.

“I will ask the parliamentary parties for a first round of consultations tomorrow, starting at 11:00hrs, because we urgently need a government. I will listen to the options of the parties and I will propose a very clear solution for a government to provide  responsible and effective governance until the next parliamentary election, regardless of when these will take place,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He added that an early election is the best solution.

“It can only be done if there is a consensus of the parliamentary parties. During the consultations, the extent to which such a consensus exists will count, as well as what the best option is for Romania’s smooth running in the period immediately ahead,” added Iohannis.

He said there are issues that need urgent resolution, such as next year’s national budget.

“Romania needs a fair budget for next year. We also need to make a European Commissioner nomination in a timely manner that respects the standards of professionalism and credibility required by our partners in the European Union. We are close to the presidential election and we have the responsibility to ensure their proper conduct and organisation under the best circumstances, including for the Romanians abroad. There are problems that cannot be delayed. I will make a decision that complies with the Constitution so that Romania’s stability may be secured no matter the final option,” said Iohannis.


Done! Today Romania has won


President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the no motion against the Social Democratic Party (PSD) government is a great success, warning that “the battle with PSD has not ended.”

“Done! Today Romania has won! Today, the vote of the Romanians cast on May 26 at the referendum is wholly, fully respected. The downfall of the PSD government is the natural result of the reaction of the whole society to the abuses and incompetence of this government. The success of the censure motion confirms a process that began some time ago, with the vote of May 26, after the referendum and the elections to the European Parliament; this process is called relegating PSD to history. (…) The fact that the censure motion succeeded is undoubtedly a great success, but the battle with PSD did not end here, which is why it is essential for as many Romanians as possible to go out and vote, because, in a democracy, voting in the presidential election, in the local and parliamentary elections is the only one thing that can decide the direction Romania is headed for,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He congratulated the National Liberal Party (PNL) on their initiative of the censure motion and the other Opposition parties that contributed to the demolition of a “failed and confused” government.

“Romanians have demanded the downfall of the PSD government. Romanians have demanded that the destruction of justice be stopped and amnesty and pardon stopped. Romanians have asked, by vote, not to allow our country to be removed from the European Union. Today’s stock-taking speaks for itself: we have managed to meet all these legitimate demands and block off the PSD disaster. I am glad that reason prevailed and that in Parliament there was an Opposition which, despite its various political views and leanings, got involved and showed that it can work together to bring down this disastrous government. It is a sign of political maturity, because any day with the Dancila government would have meant, another day lost for Romania,” said Iohannis.


PNL – First party to participate in consultations with President Iohannis on Friday; PSD, last one


Consultations at the Cotroceni Palace will start on Friday, 11.00 am, with the PNL (National Liberal Party) delegation, with the head of the state to have then consultations with the USR (Save Romania Union) delegation – 11.30 am, UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 12.00 pm, the PMP (People’s Movement Party) delegation – 12.30 pm, the delegation of the Pro Europa parliamentary group – 13.00 pm, the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) delegation – 13.30 pm, the delegation of the parliamentary group of national minorities – 14.00 pm and the PSD delegation – 14.30 pm.


Opposition reactions after motion was adopted


Following the censure motion clearing Parliament on Thursday, National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban said: “The nightmare that Romania has lived through has ended (..) I want to thank President Klaus Iohannis for a decisive involvement in the success of the motion, and I also want to thank my PNL colleagues that came for the vote and voted for this motion, and all political partners.”

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos believes the passage of the motion against the Dancila Cabinet is “only the first step in organising early parliamentary elections,” calling on President Klaus Iohannis to convene consultations with “all responsible political forces.” In a Facebook post, Ciolos emphasises that “a new parliamentary majority and a responsible government are needed to start rebuilding the country, the necessary constitutional reforms and restoring the confidence that the government must work for the people, not for party groupings.”

In a Facebook post, national leader of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna says the vote cast for the censure motion to pass was not one “against Dancila so that [former PSD national leader] Ponta may come to power,” but it was one for “solving a crisis,” adding that calling early elections is the solution now.

National leader of Pro Romania, MP Victor Ponta, said on Thursday, after the passage of a censure motion against the Dancila Cabinet, that this saved Romania and Social-Democracy from “the strangest and most inadequate leader in history, Mrs. Dancila [the incumbent PSD national leader]” arguing that there is a need for a “good” government, which will” get the job done.”

Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Chairman Kelemen Hunor said on Thursday that the Union’s MPs did as promised and voted for the censure motion, showing once more this party’s consistency. “We had no doubt the current executive had to leave, as the requirements for a good governance were no longer in place,” Kelemen Hunor added.

People’s Movement Party’s (PMP) leader Eugen Tomac on Thursday has stated that the adoption of the censure motion is “a huge victory of the Opposition,” which will give a government able “to rebuild the trust between the state and the citizens.”


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