Teresa Ortiz, Head of the Tourism Office Embassy of Spain to Romania: 82 million reasons to visit Spain

“Spain is part of you”. This is our message for all the people that would like to visit us. It is known that Spain is one of the most important world destinations and the numbers confirm it. In 2018 more than 82 million visitors came to Spain, leaving more than 89 billion euros in our economy.

This year, until April, we have welcomed more than 21 million visitors, which have already left 22 billion euros in our country. This figure is growing thanks to the efforts of different actors who are interested in offering the best possible experience. These are not only the Government of Spain and the Governments of all the 17 Spanish regions, but also the National Institute of Tourism (Turespaña) and all the private actors such as hotels, incoming agencies or transportation companies.

Spain has a remarkable mix of cultures and a wide range of astonishing natural landscapes, which gives us 47 locations listed as Unesco World Heritage Patrimony sites because of their cultural significance or natural beauty. In terms of infrastructure, our system is very modern and efficient. This allows visitors to easily move within the country, either using our modern airport facilities, our toll-free highways, or our high speed train network AVE. Together with XXI century high speed trains, we also preserve and enjoy tradition with the Transcantabrico and Al-Andalus Classic trains, which, for more than a week, take travelers back to the Golden Age of the great railway journeys, but with all comforts, luxuries and services of the 21st century.

Regarding lodging and accommodation, Spanish hotels are well prepared and ready to host everybody with a top quality service and a huge expertise in the area. Besides excellent private hotels, Spain also offers the very attractive “Paradores” public network. These hotels, run by the State, represent a symbol of our country, give a taste of our local gastronomy, and are located in strategic spots that support and promote Spain as a culture destination. The “Paradores” network manages 95 establishments distributed all across the country and located in emblematic buildings or sites selected because of their cultural, historical or artistic significance. Castles, palaces, monasteries or convents, among others, are some of the authentic architectural gems used as “Paradores” that transmit the traditions and art of our country. The “Paradores” network celebrated its 90 years anniversary in 2018, and 30 of its hotels are ranked as national Assets of Cultural Interest.

The objectives and strategies of the Spanish Government focus on increasing tourism in our country and on strengthening digitalization in our touristic cities. This system intends to make easier the operation of the services offered to our visitors. The forecast for this year is very optimistic. We expect an increase in the amount of visitors and their expenditures of more than 1,7% and 3,2%, respectively.

Furthermore, we keep working to diversify our offer, proving that Spain is not only a summer destination and that it can be visited through the whole year. Our country’s culture is one of the richest in the world. Indeed, Spain has hosted different civilizations and traditions throughout History and today, as a result, we enjoy Greek, Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian heritage.

In addition, we have one of the best gastronomies in the world. Three of our restaurants have been chosen for the top 10 World’s Best Restaurants for 2019. More concretely, Asador Etxebarri in Axpe (3rd), Mugaritz in San Sebastian (7th) and Disfrutar in Barcelona (9th).

Finally, Spain has 132 Natural Parks, such as the National Park Teide in Tenerife or the Picos de Europa in Asturias. Moreover, our country has 52 biosphere reserves of the UNESCO, becoming the country with the highest number of protected areas in the world.

These are the 82 million reasons why Spain will leave a trace in your life. Spain is part of you! Spania vă așteaptă! , Spain welcomes you!


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