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Political parties, about the support for the new Government

 UDMR’s Kelemen: I told President Iohannis we don’t give a blank cheque to anyone


UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) leader Kelemen Hunor said his party won’t give a blank cheque to anyone, and that he will be able to tell if his party supports the future government or not only after the name of the future Prime Minister is announced.

“Probably, President Iohannis will announce the name of the future Prime Minister today. I said that we don’t give a blank cheque to anyone. We don’t reject from the start, but we cannot promise to support any government either, before seeing the governing programme and what are the measures this government plans to take, before seeing the list of ministers. As soon as we know these things, we will be able to say if we support the future government or not,” Kelemen Hunor told AGERPRES, after consultations on Tuesday with President Klaus Iohannis.

In his opinion, “it is hard to say if the government will pass Parliament from the first attempt or the second.”

Hunor also added that UDMR wishes not to change the electoral legislation regarding the election of the mayors one year before the local elections, bringing to mind that the Union supports the election of mayors in one single round anyways.


USR’s Barna urges President Iohannis to think long term


National leader of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna said on Tuesday that President Klaus Iohannis reconfirmed, during their talks at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace consultations, that he wants early elections, but after the November presidential poll, arguing that the right time for early elections is now, as the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is weak.

“I came out of talks where President Iohannis reconfirmed that he wants early elections. But he believes that the timing for the early elections should be discussed only after the presidential election. His argument was the need to urgently replace [ousted prime minister] Dancila. Mr Iohannis, let us think longer term! What is the alternative to the early elections? Accept now a weak government deprived of parliamentary support, permanently at the mercy of PSD and the other PSD parties in Parliament led by Ponta and Tariceanu, parties that together have a parliamentary majority. Such a Government will not be able to make the reforms that Romania needs and we wake up, as we did in 2016, to the realisation that in one year’s time PSD returns to power riding high. Have you forgotten 2016? I know very well what I’m talking about, I was a member of the Ciolos Government, I know how much the lack of support affected us,” Barna says in a Facebook post.

In his opinion, this is the right time for early elections, “now that PSD is weak.”

“Let’s rather have the early elections now that PSD is weak. Let’s get before the people now and win a strong majority in Parliament. I can guarantee that if we hold elections now, PSD will not return to power for 10 years. If you really want to get the country rid of PSD, you have to have the courage to do it now. And if the current Constitution does not seem to you to facilitate early elections, let’s make a commitment, that any of us who wins the presidential election will start off a process of amending the Constitution to include, among other things, the possibility of the President initiating a dissolution referendum on Parliament when it no longer reflects the will of the citizens, as it does now, when the current Parliament configuration based on the 2016 vote has no longer anything to do with the people’s vote of May 26. We have a new party in Parliament, which was not on the lists of the 2016 elections and there are 54 lawmakers who have defected to a different party than the one on which lists they won their seat in Parliament,” argues Barna.


 Pro Romania’s Ponta says PNL not counting on his party to form the Gov’t


Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that he does not believe that the National Liberal Party (PNL) counts on the votes of the Pro Romania lawmakers for the formation of a new government, adding that there will be a “one-off” collaboration with social democrats.

“What I have said publicly stays. We have done a good thing in putting the Dancila government out of its misery, as it was a dead government anyway. Now, I understand that the Liberals want to form the government. We, being a leftist party, wish them good luck, and I do not think they count on us. (…) I think that at one time those who are social democrats will collaborate, but I mean collaboration for elections and then for the opposition,” Ponta said at Parliament House.

He added that he had not stated any conditions in his talks with President Klaus Iohannis, because no one from PNL had asked him to vote for the future government.

“I did not state any conditions at all, because no one from PNL asked me to vote for the government, and then there is no point in that. I can see that PMP, USR, UDMR are claiming conditions, we are not claiming nay. We have had no discussion with Mr Orban after the censure motion. (…) I saw last night that one of the PNL leaders was saying that the new government should work only for President Iohannis, for the PNL electorate and for PNL. And then I say that he is right. We will vote for any government that will work for Mircea Diaconu, for the Pro Romania electorate and for Pro Romania,” added Ponta.

Asked by journalists if Iohannis told him the name of the future prime minister, Ponta said: “Yes. He will tell it to you, too. Me telling you the name would not be polite.”


PSD: Social Democrat MPs will not vote on investiture of new Gov’t


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) MPs will not vote on the investiture of the new government, the decision being taken unanimously during the meeting that took place of Monday, a release of the Social Democrats announced.

“PSD will not vouch for an executive of massive layoffs, for pension and salary cuts, for lowering the welfare of Romanians! It’s the responsibility of parties who initiated and voted for the censure motion to ensure the necessary majority to support a new Government. The PNL [National Liberal Party] and its allies must demonstrate to Romanians that they know how to build too, not only destroy,” the PSD release mentions.

According to the Social Democrats, “Romania is not run by clamorous political statements, but by a governing programme, supported by a parliamentary majority.”

“We tell the parties concerned to mobilize and assume responsibility for investing a new Executive, given that, according to their own statements, any delay only brings disservice to Romania and Romanians,” the quoted source adds.


PMP’s Tomac: Discussions  about future Cabinet to be carried out with designated PM


PMP (People’s Movement Party) leader Eugen Tomac at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Monday presented to President Klaus Iohannis the priorities his party needs to see that are taken into consideration, before deciding to support the future government, among which election of mayors in two rounds, the cut in the number of MPs down to 300 and the setting up of a ministry for the relation with the Republic of Moldova.

“We have reiterated, on this occasion, the priorities that we need to see are taken into consideration, before deciding to support the new government, namely: election of mayors in two rounds, cutting down the number of MPs to 300 and setting up a ministry for the relation with the Republic of Moldova. Discussions about the future cabinet of ministers will be carried out with the designated Prime Minister,” Eugen Tomac wrote on his Facebook page on Monday evening.

He specified President Iohannis informed the Prime Minister would be designated on Tuesday.

“Romania needs an active government as soon as possible! Otherwise, the political crisis will continue to affect the state institutions, including after the presidential elections,” wrote Tomac.



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