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October 24, 2021

Dancila: Romania is prepared for a woman President

Romania is prepared for a woman President, is a member-state of EU and NATO and has always had openness and vision, said on Wednesday the leader of the Social Democrats, Viorica Dancila , the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s candidate in the presidential elections of November.

“Romania is prepared for a woman President. We are a member state of the European Union, we are a member state of NATO, we are a country that always had openness and vision and I believe that this thing will be demonstrated by the vote on November 10. Moreover, I believe Romania is ready for a woman President because, as we know, in each family the woman is the one who administers the household, the woman is the one who takes care of the husband, the children, the parents. I believe that we could think of this from the point of view of the woman President, who sees the citizens in the country as her own family, brings balance, unity in this great family and who eliminates this divide and, of course, works, as a woman works in the family, works permanently (…), she is involved, she’s in the midst of people and I believe all these arguments support my statement that Romania is ready for a woman President,” Dancila mentioned, in Fetesti, after visiting the hospital in the locality.

Asked why she believes Romania should elect a woman President, she answered: “We need balance, we need consensus, we need a person that empathizes with people, that has a dialogue with people, we need a person that puts soul in what she does.”

“I saw that the Presidents that we have had in the recent period have not been people who would, effectively, continue the dialogue with the people, who would support people, would bring peace, would eliminate hatred, they have been presidents that have boosted this state and now, see that Romania is divided by the current President in two – my Government, the other Government – my Romanians and the other Romanians, things that I have never done and I will never do. As Prime Minister I took decisions not only for those who appreciated me, but also for those who insulted me and for those who don’t vote for me. (…) It was important for the decisions I took to comply with the reality in Romania, I took decisions for the people and at the end of my mandate I have the courage to look people in the eye, I have never made a decision against them,” Dancila said.

Viorica Dancila visited on Wednesday the Fetesti Hospital where she spoke with the medical personnel and patients. At the end of the visit, the PSD candidate also discussed with the sympathizers that awaited her at the exit and took photographs with them.




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