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October 6, 2022

PM-designate Ludovic Orban says name of ministers to be announced within a week: Most of them will be from PNL

Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Tuesday evening stated the names of the ministers will be made public after the last round of negotiations, most probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

“Most ministers will be from the party. (…) We have a timetable for the first round of political negotiations and we also have a timetable for consultations with the civil society regarding the priorities in every field of activity, consultations with the employers’ associations, professional associations, relevant non-governmental organisations, trade unions. The names will be made public after the political negotiations are done and the final round of negotiations will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, most probably,” Orban told Digi 24 private television broadcaster.

He said they established to have a number of 15 ministries, maximum 16.

When the journalists dropped various possible names of ministers, he said Deputy Ioan Cupsa, who is a jurist, has all the skills he needs to be the Minister of Justice.

“He has all the skills he needs for this office. (…) He may be a candidate, but I won’t give you names right now. As soon as we decide the government formula, we will present it publicly. (…) I cannot give you the names of the persons we take into consideration, because I don’t want to make them uncomfortable by dropping their names now and then come up with different names,” the PM-designate explained.

Also asked whether they are considering someone from the military for the Defence Ministry he said everything is possible.

He also said there are “approximately four options” currently taken into consideration for the Ministry of Finance.

Ludovic Orban also said what will be the things that he wants to negotiate with the parliamentary parties and entities.

“There are several things that we are going to negotiate in the next period, namely: the issue of participation or non-participation, if they are going to participate with ministers or without ministers, if they want a different form of participation in governance, the governing programme, the main elements of the governing programme. We will discuss all the names of persons proposed for the different portfolios. And for this, to the extent in which we establish a certain distribution of the portfolios, each political party will come up with proposals. The idea is to come up with proposals of honest people, without moral problems in their previous political career, with a proper background and experience in the activity field they are going to manage and also people who know very well what it is to be done, and they will need to come up with solution proposals, or at least solutions for this period of time, to be integrated with a broader development vision,” said Orban.

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