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September 24, 2021

What promises are the presidential candidates making?

Iohannis: We’ll put Gov’t to work for Romanians, not against them, as PSD did


President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday criticized the Social Democratic Party (PSD), saying that it attacked justice, the economy, investors, big public systems and said the new Executive will start working for Romanians.

“You and I are at war with the PSD and we will win it. We have three more battles: the presidential, the local and the parliamentary, whereupon we make Romania normal. When you talk about war, it is a very serious thing. (…) We, you and I, are people of peace, construction, development, we want to get involved for the country, for the Romanians, but in December 2016 the PSD promised that only milk and honey will be flowing, they promised the Romanians the moon in the sky and when they came to power the first thing – they started to attack the justice. (…) They carried on, they attacked the economy, the investors, the big public systems, in a treacherous way, they anchored their friends and cronies in leadership positions not because they were very good people there, but because they were very obedient, they put them there based on the party membership card and not due to their knowledge and performance. This way, the PSD started out the war against Romania and the Romanians and then someone had to take the side of the Romanians and that’s what we, you and me, did. We are at war with the PSD because they attacked the Romanians, they attacked Romania and we do not tolerate this. Now we are in a race because it is an election campaign and we go everywhere, we tell people what we want and how we want to proceed, we will put a government that starts to work for Romanians, not against Romanians as the PSD did, we will put a government that starts to rebuild Romania, not to demolish it as the PSD did and for this we need to win these three battles,” said Klaus Iohannis, at the PNL meeting – the Vrancea branch, organized at the Culture House of Trade Unions in Focsani.

He went on to explain his campaign slogan – “Normal Romania”.

“I think it is normal for Moldova to be connected to the country by motorway. I think that for many Focsani and Vrancea County people it would be normal to find them here working, here at home and not having to leave and I think for many of you and many families in the city and the county it would be normal for the loved ones to return home to a country where institutions work for the citizen, it would be normal to return home where they find work and earn enough for a decent living. I think it is normal for you to send your children to a school where you know they are well-guarded and well-educated and I think it would be very normal to have a great hospital in the city where you are treated with respect. We will do all these things together after we win the elections,” Iohannis said.

Klaus Iohannis also said that the big change in Romania will only occur when Romanians vote for the PNL.

“This will happen at the parliamentary elections, included,” he further stated.


Independent candidate  Mircea Diaconu: I have no doctrine which is why I dared to run for President


The independent candidate in the presidential elections, Mircea Diaconu, said on Wednesday, during a meeting with voters in Vaslui, that he is truly independent, although he is supported by political parties.

He said that since 2014, when he ran for the European Parliament, he has been active only as an independent, exercising this status in a political group and in a political world.

“I also believe that I have documents to put on the table, that I am the only one who is independent with papers. (…) An independent does not have to be a paria. An independent is a species that can be and must be extremely interested in political, civic type topics, but which is not regimented in a doctrine. This is what it is all about it and my exact status is precisely this. I have no doctrine and therefore I dared to run for president. Theoretically and constitutionally a president needn’t have a doctrine, he/she is not a partisan – so no doctrine, he is not a politician – so no party. This is me at the moment, and the others are not. That is exactly what I am not. There are party groups with their leader participating in the elections,” said Mircea Diaconu.

He specified that he is supported by certain parties and that he needs this support only from a logistical point of view, because “the purely independent in Romania, with our laws, is doomed to failure”.

Mircea Diaconu stressed that Romania’s political life is characterized by violence and that the president does not exercise the role of arbitrator as he should.

“Now, the situation specific to Romania is disarming because the war, the violence between the parties have reached the maximum and the moment one of these sides in the presidential elections with its party win these elections, (…) the war with the other side begins the day after. You can well see what is going on in Parliament right now, exactly in this sense: the break, the violence, the political fight without arbitrator. This political struggle must have a form of non-party, impartial, neutral arbitration and this must be the president. Unfortunately, exactly our current president, I am afraid that of yesterday as well, (…) introduced themselves into the political struggle exactly as a driving force, not as a tranquilizer,” said Diaconu.

He avoided giving an answer when asked who sees in the second round of the presidential election.

“I don’t see anyone. If I were very tall, I would get up, look and see the second round. I am a little shorter, I see nothing in the second round,” said the candidate.

On Wednesday, Mircea Diaconu participated in a meeting with the citizens in the Civic Center Square in the municipality of Vaslui, being accompanied by representatives of the Pro Romania and ALDE leaders at county level.

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