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August 1, 2021

PM-designate presents several ministries not to be included in the new Gov’t structure

Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Wednesday evening presented several ministries that would not exist in the new Executive, including the Energy Ministry and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad.

“Energy is also economy and tourism is economy, too. Waters, forestry, environment are somehow an area. At the level of the EU Council there is the formation which is on transport, infrastructure and communication, and we’ll unite infrastructure with communication. These are normal things. We don’t have four Foreign Affairs Ministries, we have a single Foreign Affairs Ministry, foreign affairs are dealt with through a single Foreign Affairs Ministry. There are common sense things. (…) Many [ministries] were made for sinecures. We also have a discussion related to the Youth and Sport Ministry. We are in a pre-Olympics year, there is a sensibility in the sport area and because of it, I accepted a discussion that I would carry out with the COSR [the Olympic and Sports Committee] and with youth organisations and with the National Youth Council,” Orban stated at the B1 TV private television station.

He argued that the Ministry for Romanians Abroad was “a tourism agency and a way to allocate public money.”

“For instance, in the Republic of Moldova, in Bessarabia, televisions, news websites have been funded which praised dictator Plahotniuc and attacked all pro-Europeans and pro-Romanians of the democratic formations from the money taken from the state budget through the Romanians Abroad,” Orban stated.

According to him, for the Government investiture, there are over 15 additional votes to the 238 votes from the censure motion.

“The negotiations continue,” Orban added.

The PM-designate counts on Save Romanian Union’s (USR) support in Parliament.

“I am confident that our partners in the Opposition will contribute to the replacement of furious Dancila Government, which commits increasingly serious acts everyday and which, in my view, demands the attention of the DNA [the National Anti-corruption Directorate]. In respect to their positioning, it is a stand that is probably dictated by some arguments, by some political calculations, the important thing is they [the USR] support our endeavor to settle a competent Government, to solve the great problems which Romania is confronted with,” Orban stated.

He has argued that the Dancila Government is organising a series of contests and makes dismissals, and, “a siphon off” the public money to bride mayors also takes place.

Orban indicated, among others, that according to some representatives of TAROM, the company director was released from office because she would have refused to leave the aircraft on the ground on the censure motion day, taking into account that over 20 MPs were to come to Bucharest.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman also said that Pro Romania party would endorse the new Executive.

“A good period of time the Pro Romania delayed a firm decision to endorse the censure motion. I don’t believe that they will go on the version in which they support the Dancila Government at rule,” Orban showed.

He also said that, he was not asked anything contrary to the PNL philosophy, belief and programme during the discussions he carried out so far.

“We cannot give up our standpoints in almost all areas. (…) From our point of view, regarding the calculations, we shouldn’t put in so much effort in these negotiations. The problem that we have is that we are not thinking the situation through the PNL’s political and electoral interest, the issue is related to the fact that we cannot accept the perpetuation of the current state of affairs. It is vital for Romania to invest a legitimate Government, which can get to work, as soon as possible, otherwise, we risk a lot of things falling apart in Romania, we risk leaving them committing to spending for which there is no money left, we risk that they will do all the stupidities in the world and we risk throwing the country in uncertainty and, perhaps, in a governmental crisis, which Romania doesn’t need today,” Orban argued.

According to him, the emergency ordinances will be adopted by the future Government following debates, and bills in Parliament, after consultations.

Orban also said that early elections cannot be organised by 22 December.

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