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March 23, 2023

PNL’s Orban : We respect constitutional deadline to submit list of ministers , governing program to be respected

Prime Minister-designate, Ludovic Orban, said on Thursday that he will respect the constitutional deadline for submitting the list of ministers and the governing program, mentioning that he wants the fastest possible timetable for the Government’s investiture in Parliament.

“We will marshal a majority. We will respect the constitutional deadline, at the end of the second round of negotiations we will forward to Parliament the list of ministers and the governing program, what comes next is no longer up to us. Of course we want the fastest possible timetable for the hearing of the candidates for minister positions in the committees and, subsequently, for the plenary vote on the government, but this depends on Parliament, on the joint Standing Bureaus of the two Chambers,” Ludovic Orban said in Parliament, after meeting with Pro Romania leaders Victor Ponta and Adrian Tutuianu.

He argued that any day of delay maintains an illegitimate government at the Victoria Palace.

“Here we take the liberty to draw their attention to the fact that any day of delay in carrying out the government’s investiture procedure keeps at the Victoria Palace an illegitimate government, a government that harms the Romanians every day, a government that was dismissed by censure motion,” Orban said.

He expressed confidence that, until the end of the negotiations, he will be able to get the support of the Pro Romania MPs for the future Government.

“It seemed to me that we agreed that Romania needs a government to ensure stability, to elaborate the Law of the state budget for 2020, as well as to solve the big problems that Romania is facing today. It was a positive discussion in which we have overcome, at least from our point of view, points of difference. I am confident that, until the end, we will agree and that we will be able to get the support of the MPs from Pro Romania,” said Orban, after the meeting with Ponta and Tutuianu.

Regarding the condition set by Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta, related to the drawing up of the 2020 budget, Orban said: “The Government has not been able to elaborate the state budget law until now”.

“Obviously, as regards the big budget lines, the big macroeconomic indicators on the basis of which the budget is being drawn up and the main categories of expenditure, we are obviously prepared to present these things even now. We have not yet reached the detailed phase regarding the budget project and the other elements of the governing program,” Orban added.

Ludovic Orban said, however, that he agreed with Pro Romania leaders on several points, such as reducing the subsidy for parties.

He pointed out that there are other elements with regard to which “steps forward” were taken and the second round of discussions follows. “I repeat, based on the way the discussions proceeded, I am optimistic,” said the Liberal leader.

Orban said that Pro Romania did not request any ministry.

“On the other hand, obviously, as it is about parliamentary support, we do not deny the possibility for any party to participate with ideas, proposals and even expertise, but there was no discussion regarding a ministerial portfolio, they didn’t ask and neither did we,” Orban said.

The prime minister also said that all partners need to take part so as to fully guarantee the Government’s investiture.

He also said that at the end of the first round of negotiations he will conduct an analysis to see how many votes will be needed for the investiture.

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