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May 8, 2021

President Iohannis attends European Council meeting. For Romanians in UK nothing changes; it would be good if we reached agreement

President Klaus Iohannis will be attending a meeting of the European Council in Brussels, October 17-18.

Featuring on the agenda of the summit are the future multi-annual budget of the European Union for 2021-2027, the latest developments in the process of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the EU, a new institutional cycle at European level, the fight against climate change, the enlargement of the European Union, as well as the relationship between the EU and Turkey, according to the Presidential Administration.

Regarding the EU multiannual budget for 2021-2027, the European leaders will start the next stage of negotiations and will also discuss the timing and the stages in the process of adopting the multiannual budget.

According to the Presidential Administration, the Romanian head of state will advocate for an “ambitious budget, capable of achieving the objectives of the EU Strategic Agenda, which will ensure the successful achievement of the Union’s objectives for the coming decade.”

“The President of Romania will also show that our country strongly supports the maintenance of significant allocations for the Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy, two essential community policies due to their significant contribution to the increase of European investment and the continuation of the European convergence process,” the Presidential Administration shows.

Iohannis will continue to endorse the importance of ensuring an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

“In this regard, the withdrawal agreement is the most effective tool for limiting the negative impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, guaranteeing rights and providing security for citizens and the business community. The withdrawal agreement represents a necessary step towards building trust between the two sides and a guarantee to ensure the closest possible relations between the Union and the United Kingdom after Brexit,” the Presidential Administration underscores.


For Romanians in UK nothing changes; it would be good if we reached agreement


President Klaus Iohannis stated that the agreement regarding the exit of the United Kingdom from the community bloc announced on Thursday doesn’t change anything in what regards the Romanians in the UK and said he is optimistic that this agreement will be approved in the European Council.

“For the Romanians in Great Britain it means what it meant in the first form and it would be very good if this time we reached an agreement that would be put into practice. In the agreement, the things that were negotiated and accepted by both parties have not changed, they were kept, what was renegotiated and changed in some parts is the part called the ‘back stop’, so the agreement on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. I am very glad that significant progress was made. Now we must see if we manage in the Council, and I’m optimistic that we will approve the agreement, and then we should see if approval can be found in London as well,” said the head of state before the meeting of the European Council in Brussels.

He reiterated that the best option would be a Brexit with agreement.

“In our case, for our Romanians in the UK, it would mean all their rights are ensured,” Iohannis said.


Iohannis unhappy with MFF proposal, says cuts for CAP, Cohesion Policy wrong


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said he is unhappy with the proposal for the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework, pointing out that Romania does not support the cut of funding for the Common Agricultural Policy and the Cohesion Policy.

“Tomorrow we will have a discussion on the so-called MFF – the Multiannual Financial Framework – and I can tell you that I have several points of dissatisfaction about it. The Romanian Presidency has made progress in good faith, with all the partners, on the Multiannual Financial Framework. I consider that what the EU Presidency is doing now is not right, because they have practically asked that we should go back to what was before our Presidency and came up with proposals I do not approve of and cannot support in any way. I cannot agree with cuts for the Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy, this seems wrong to me. It’s an approach Romania does not support and I will state this very clearly when we get to this chapter,” Iohannis said before the EU Summit meeting in Brussels.

He emphasized that the states’ contributions should be subject to negotiations.

“As regards the states’ contributions, whether it’s 1 percent of GNI or 1.1 percent, or – as Parliament has requested, 1.3 percent, which is difficult to conceive, this will result from negotiations – in my opinion we cannot simply toss figures without taking into account the member states and that’s what the Finnish Presidency has actually done,” said the Romanian President.

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