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June 27, 2022

TAROM scandal ends up at the DNA

Former TAROM CEO Madalina Mezei has announced she has been subpoenaed at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for Monday morning, as witness, after she accused acting Transport Minister Razvan Cuc of asking her to ground the company’s airplanes on the day the motion of no confidence in the Dancila Government was put to the vote, in order to prevent parliamentarians from outside Bucharest from reaching Parliament.

“I have dispatched the Audit Body at both TAROM and the Transport Ministry. I’m interested in the truth, I’m interested in the things that are real, in order to take measures, and I guarantee that the moment I have proof of a mistake on any part I will be ruthless in taking measures,” the dismissed PM Dancila said on Friday.

Dancila stated that she is waiting for the results of the checks carried out by the Control Body at TAROM and at the Ministry of Transport, specifying that she discussed with Trasnport Minister Razvan Cuc and he denied the accusations regarding an alleged intervention to ground planes on the day the censure motion was voted.

“Tomorrow I will have the first details from the Control Body that I sent to both TAROM and the Ministry of Transport. I discussed with Mr. Cuc, he denied all these things related to airplanes, delay, grounding. I wouldn’t want to get involved, but I think that couldn’t be done. Think about it, if there were a ten minutes’ delay, the prime minister was to blame and I don’t think Mr Cuc would have made a decision that would have put me, first of all, in an unpleasant situation”, said Dancila, on Sunday, after paying a visit to the exhibition greenhouses in the Drumul Taberei Park in Bucharest.

Asked if she agrees with the proposal to set up a parliamentary committee of inquiry in this case, Dancila replied that she had nothing against it.

“I have nothing against it, it is their right to submit this request. I, being still an interim prime minister, want to see the results of the control made by the Prime Minister’s Control Body,” she added.


Razvan Cuc on former Tarom CEO: She proves incompetence, inconsistency, and is a slave to interest groups


Transport Minister Razvan Cuc claims that former Tarom CEO Madalin Mezei proves incompetence, inconsistency, and is a slave to interest groups.

“This whole game she has entered now can only cause public relations damage to TAROM, and cause confusion among the company’s employees, even though in her public statements she claims she never wanted this. She has proven now what I have seen these four months: incompetence, inconsistency, and that she is a slave to certain interest groups. During this whole time, I preferred to get my information from other persons from within the company in order to be informed with very high accuracy. The lady gets confused in her own lies – first she said it concerned flight cancellations, then the grounding of airplanes, that it concerned four or five airplanes. I’m now sure that the CA’s decision was the best decision they took, because we have thus taken the company out of the claws of PNL influence. Mrs Mezei forgets that members of her family wanted leadership positions for themselves,” the Transport Minister explained.

Razvan Cuc also says he never asked her to ground airplanes.

“How could I have grounded five types of airplanes? It was impossible. (…) Her main concern was to hike the salaries of her family members. (…) I didn’t ask her to ground the airplanes. I couldn’t have sabotaged Tarom flights. (…) This rumour regarding the grounding of airplanes appeared early this week,” Cuc said.

Last Wednesday, National Liberal Party (PNL)  President, Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban said that, according to representatives of TAROM, the director of the company, Madalina Mezei, was dismissed earlier this week because she had refused to keep the aircraft on the day of the motion, as more than 20 parliamentarians were to come from the country to Bucharest.

Later, according to some information published in the public space, Mezei confirmed this, stating, at the same time, that she allegedly told the minister that such a decision would be an abuse.

TAROM informed on Thursday that the dismissal of Madalina Mezei from the position of interim general manager was made on the basis of a unanimous decision of the company’s Board of Directors, which found “non-compliance with the mandate contract”.

According to a statement from TAROM, Mezei delayed the process of modernizing the short-haul fleet and did not present any information regarding the process of reducing the total number of positions in the company.

The dismissed Minister of Transport, Razvan Cuc, wrote on Thursday evening, on Facebook, that Madalina Mezei should have restructured TAROM and not to try to play certain games in favor of groups in the company.

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