March of solidarity with women victims of violence

Several hundred persons on Saturday participated in Bucharest in a march of solidarity with women victims of violence.

The march started from the Universitatii Square, and continued to Romana Square and Victoriei Square, bringing together representatives of the non-governmental organisations working to prevent violence against women, as well as persons who just wanted to send a message of solidarity with the victims of gender violence.

The participants carried banners reading: “Indifference leads to violence,” “Love doesn’t bring violence,” “Stop violence against women,” “I intervene when I hear violent noises in the neighbouring apartment,” “Tomorrow it could be too late” or “Dear politicians, support the victims, not the perpetrators.”

They asked for laws to combat violence against women, such as: the modification of the Criminal Code, so that the investigations will continue even in such cases when the victim withdraws her complaint, the immediate adoption of laws on the electronic surveillance of perpetrators, identification and treatment with priority of such cases of sexual aggression against minors, mixed police teams – women and men – to conduct such cases of sexual and domestic violence and also the priority financing of emergency shelters.

Among the persons who participated in the march were also the US Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans Klemm, and Ramona Ioana Bruynseels, a candidate in the presidential elections.

The network for the prevention of violence against women organised this march as a gesture of solidarity with the women who survived violence and to maintain the public pressure necessary to ensure the observance of the rights of women and girls.

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