PM-designate Orban announces second round of negotiations with Opposition parties for support at the new Gov’t investiture

PM-designate Ludovic Orban announced on Monday, after his meeting with the social partners (trade unions, employers unions and universities) that the second round of the discussions with the political parties in Opposition – ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats), PMP (People Movement’s Party), UDMR (Union of Democratic Hungarians of Romania) and USR (Save Romania Union) will take place on Tuesday, and the meeting with the representatives of the Pro Romania party will take place on Wednesday.

“On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have the second round of discussions with our partners in submitting the motion of censure, with the help of whom we managed to dismiss the PSD (Social Democratic Party) government. Tomorrow we will meet the representatives of Pro Romania,” said Orban, while also mentioning that the meetings were established depending on the dialogue partners’ availability.

He added that “very many” political parties want on a monocolour Liberal government.

“Very many political parties said they wanted a monocolour Liberal government, which means that welcoming other parties to join the government, depending on who would like to join, of course, could generate the disengagement of other partner political parties,” said Orban.

He also specified that the list of proposals of ministers and the governing programme will be submitted on Thursday, Friday, at the latest, and the Standing Bureaus of Parliament will meet next Monday to establish a timetable for the hearings that will allow the investiture vote of the government on Wednesday.

“Our proposal is to have the investiture vote as soon as possible. We will submit the list of the government members and the governing programme on Thursday, at the latest. The joint meeting of the standing bureaus – and I hope that the Social Democrats will forget about the boycott attempt they announced and that they will meet their obligations after all – will take place on Monday and that a timetable will be established for the hearings that will allow the investiture vote of the government on Wednesday. This timetable seems reasonable to me,” PM-designate.

In respect to the candidates for the minister offices, Orban said they are ready to face the hearings.

“The governing programme is almost ready, we are still open to certain suggestions that our social partners made in relation to some sectoral programmes. The conclusion is that Romania needs a legitimate government very soon, a government to be approved by Parliament and that we’ll have full legitimate power at governmental level,” he said.


PNL cannot be asked for something that PNL cannot give


The designated PM Ludovic Orban says that PNL cannot be asked for something that PNL cannot give and that it’s for the first time when Liberals are asked to fulfill certain conditions that are not up to them. Orban claims that those who will keep the PSD Government in power are accomplices in all the illegalities committed by the Executive led by Viorica Dancila.

Orban stated on Monday that he is sure that the political parties that helped in the fall of the Government will go over the small differences and will understand the necessity to support the investiture of the new Executive.

“Obviously, each political party decided in the end how to position itself towards one or another subject. But regarding the investiture of the Government, this decision is a major decision for Romania, on which depends the smooth progress of the public affairs in Romania on a medium and long term, and I have the belief that they will go over the small positional differences and will understand the absolute necessity to support the investiture of the Government”, Orban said.

He says that the parties who will not vote for the PNL Government will keep PSD and Viorica Dancila in power.

“Any political party that doesn’t vote for the investiture of the Government that I will present to the Parliament, will actually keep PSD and Viorica Dancila at the Victoria Palace, and instead of supporting a legitimate Government, a competent Government, a Government that brings fundamental measures for Romania, they will only ensure the totally illegitimate perpetuation in power of a failed, dismissed PSD Government, which has no legitimacy in exerting power in Romania. I doubt that our partners who contributed in dismissing the Dancila Government could maintain in any way and participate in the decision to perpetuate the Dancila Government in power”, Orban explained.

He thinks that PNL cannot be asked for something that this party cannot give, namely to be forced to fulfill conditions that are not up to Liberals.

“The National Liberal Party cannot be asked for something that the National Liberal party cannot give. We can support, through our parliamentarians, draft laws that we support in fact, but no one can say that PNL Government shouldn’t be invested due to the fact that PSD or other political party doesn’t vote for a draft law. I haven’t seen such a situation, I am telling you honestly, in which we are asked to fulfill certain conditions that are not up to us”, the designated PM also said.

Orban warned that those who will keep PSD in power are accomplices in the illegalities committed by the Social Democrats.

“I am confident that we can succeed from the first time to invest the Government, but obviously we can be prepared for any other situation. And the second situation will involve a totally different approach, because we will reach the second investiture of the Government, and if this Government is not invested by the Parliament, we will have early elections, which is our first option. Of course all this time we will have to suffer all the illegalities, all the stupid things, all the aberrant decisions made by the Government’s remains, who were dismissed through the no confidence motion, and those who will keep these people in power are actually accomplices and co-liable for all the illegalities they commit, for all the decisions involving unfavorable consequences for Romanians”, Orban added.


Orban about possible suspension of President Iohannis, as announced by Viorica Dancila: It’s hilarious


He labeled as “hilarious” the possibility that has been recently mentioned by the PSD leader Viorica Dancila regarding the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis.

“It’s hilarious. For instance, right now, the Romanian President is paying a visit to Japan, which visit was absolutely necessary for us in trying to re-establish mutual trust in our relation with Japan, after the huge mistake made by the PSD (Social Democratic Party). For you must remember that visit of the Japanese PM to Romania, when he had no one from the Government available to talk to him, in the context in which this was an extremely important visit, with very many important aspects to discuss for the strategic partnership between Japan and Romania, including in the economic field. The President is taking care of important businesses, but I see Vasilica Viorica Dancila is in a mood for jokes,” Orban said in relation to this topic.

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