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June 21, 2021

USR’s Barna on possibility to facing DNA investigation: If they call me, I don’t see any problem

USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Monday stated, regarding the possibility that the journalistic investigation focusing his career so far will also trigger a DNA (National Anti-corruption Directorate) investigation against him, he said he had no problem with the fact that verifications have already started and that he will, of course, go to the hearings, if he is called.

“If the verifications have started already, very well. I even asked the DNA to start the verifications. So far, I haven’t received anything. But, if they call me, I don’t see any problem, I will go,” said Barna.

He said all these in reply to the information that appeared in the media saying DNA has opened a criminal file in rem against him, as a result of the investigation published by Rise Project regarding the projects he carried out based on European money, in which one of his companies was involved.

A few days ago, Barna asked the Fight Against Fraud Department (DLAF) to send all the documents involving him to the DNA, while accusing the information in the respective journalistic investigation were used against him for political purposes.

DLAF later informed that its control mission regarding the “Community Bridges” project that had the Alba County Council as beneficiary had been launched previously to the publication of the information by Rise Project and without any connection to the journalistic investigation.


Tariceanu: Barna posed as new-born but was working with European grants


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu says that USR leader Dan Barna posed “as a new-born taken out of the baptismal font” but was in fact working with European grants and had grabbed on to public funds “like a leech,” giving his sister a 200,000-euro project as a gift. Tariceanu believes that if a politician were to do that ANI and then prosecutors would have started probing them.

During a talk-show on Sunday evening, on Antena3, Tariceanu was asked whether Viorica Dancila’s chances to enter the presidential runoff would be higher if the Orban Government is sworn in before the first round of the presidential elections.

“No, the chances are no longer whole at any rate. But this element you have underscored, I believe it is or should be an element of interest for the PNL too, or primarily for the PNL. I don’t know whether the PNL are interested in Iohannis still having Dancila as Prime Minister – with diminished prerogatives – in the first round,” he said.

Asked who would ALDE vote for if Klaus Iohannis and Viorica Dancila were to enter the presidential runoff, Tariceanu said that this is an option he has not analysed, and the members and voters of his party might not vote in the runoff.

“I don’t know whether it will be negotiated, there is also an option that I’m now pondering… why must we vote? (…) It seems to me it’s still a horizon that still leaves us time to discuss,” Tariceanu said, pointing out that in his view Klaus Iohannis and Mircea Diaconu will enter the presidential runoff.

During the talk-show, Tariceanu also referred to USR leader Dan Barna, saying he posed as “a new-born taken out of the baptismal font” but who had grabbed on to public funds “like a leech.”

“He posed as a sort of clean, cleanish new-born just taken out of the baptismal font, and what do we see in fact? That this little boy was sitting on and working with European grants galore, I mean he had grabbed on to public funds like a leech, because European grants are also public funds, don’t imagine they come from private sources, even we contribute to them too, something that was usually condemned by the USR. I see he gave his sister a 200,000-euro project as a gift. If a politician were to do this, do you realise that the ANI would have immediately probed him, and then the prosecutors. And he was sitting and lecturing us on morality,” Tariceanu added.


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