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September 18, 2020

Former Tarom CEO Madalina Mezei at DNA in wake of accusations levelled against Transport Minister Razvan Cuc. I’m firmly convinced truth will surface

Former Tarom CEO Madalina Mezei arrived at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Monday in order to be heard in the dossier regarding Transport Minister Razvan Cuc having allegedly asked her to ground certain airplanes on the day of the no-confidence vote. “I’m firmly convinced truth will surface,” Mezei stated on her arrival at the DNA.

She said she would say more when leaving the hearings.

The DNA acted on its own initiative following Tarom CEO Madalina Mezei’s statements about Minister Razvan Cuc having allegedly asked her to ground airplanes on the day the no-confidence motion was put to the vote, and Mezei was set to be heard on Monday.

She pointed out did not decide to make the statements public but confirmed the information that appeared in the public space.

Mezei said the Transport Minister made the request the day before the no-confidence vote.

Madalina Mezei stated that Transport Minister Razvan Cuc asked her not only to cancel domestic flights but also to identify the MPs present on the lists of passengers, in order to prevent them from casting their ballots at the no-confidence vote.

Likewise, she informed she was summoned at the DNA, for Monday, to be heard as a witness in a dossier concerning the Transport Ministry and abuse of office accusations.

In response, Razvan Cuc said that the former Tarom CEO proves incompetence, inconsistency, and is a slave to certain interest groups. He claimed she “is getting confused in lies,” his conclusion being that the Tarom Board of Directors’ decision to dismiss her is the best, the company thus being taken “out of the claws of PNL influence.”

Cuc also claimed that Madalina Mezei told him she was contacted by someone from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) who talked to her about the possibility that some flights that have MPs on their passenger lists could be grounded before the no-confidence vote. Cuc added that he asked Mezei how many MPs are going to be on domestic flights, in order to make sure “everything is alright.”

Premier Viorica Dancila has dispatched the Prime Minister’s Audit Body both at Tarom and at the Transport Ministry.

Tarom’s Board of Directors pointed out that CEO Madalina Mezei was dismissed from office because she failed to carry out the decisions of the Board of Directors and General Shareholders Assembly, as well as certain obligations on her part. “At the same time, the former CEO of Tarom delayed the process of modernising the short-distance courier fleet, one of the essential components of the company’s recovery process, by not implementing the Memorandum on the buy-back sale of old ATR aircraft and the operational leasing of new ATR aircraft,” Tarom representatives pointed out.


Mezei says minister crossed a  line when messing with her career


Dismissed CEO of Romania’s national airline TAROM Madalina Mezei said on Monday that dismissed Minister of Transport Razvan Cuc “crossed a line” when he considered that he can mess with her career and profession.

“I believe in family, career and TAROM. TAROM is my second family. Mr Cuc crossed a line when he considered that he can mess with a person’s career and profession. My professional plan is to deliver a long-term strategy for TAROM, and I trusted Mr Cuc to build something like that together,” said Mezei upon leaving the main offices of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA).


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