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September 19, 2021

New round of consultation with parties which voted the censure motion. PM-designate Orban, confident in the chances of succeeding the investiture of the future Government

Prime Minister-designate and Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said, at the end of the consultations with the parties which voted for the censure motion, that he is confident in the chances of succeeding the investiture of the future Government, mentioning that these “are very high.”

“We established a collaboration framework which would be materialised in the form of some agreements to be validated in the PNL leadership and in the leadership of the political formations. We are on the right track, we have taken serious steps forward and I am just as confident as when I was designated that our chances to succeed the investiture of the Government are very high,” Orban stated at Parliament.

He added that, within the talks with the parties, he “disclosed the names of the candidates included in the final assessment.”

Ludovic Orban mentioned that he also agreed, among others, to repeal the legal provisions related to “the ghostly Investment and Development Fund.”


UDMR’s Kelemen: The Gov’t has serious chances to pass Parliament


UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) leader Kelemen Hunor on Tuesday stated that the Orban Government has serious chances to pass Parliament in the upcoming weeks and announced at the same time that his party will make a decision whether it will support the new Executive or not after the governing programme and the proposals of ministers are made public.

“We believe that there are serious, good chances for this Government to pass Parliament in the upcoming weeks, but we need to wait first for the Prime Minister-designate to make public the governing programme and the list of ministers, which should happen this week, given the ten-day deadline since the designation of Mr Ludovic Orban as PM by President Iohannis (…). We believe that we need a written agreement and we gave a text to our Liberal colleagues including all the elements,” specified the UDMR head, at the Parliament Palace, after his meeting with PM-designate Ludovic Orban.

Kelemen added that, during the second round of negotiations they had, he told Orban that he expects the new government to avoid assuming responsibility for or issuing emergency ordinances in such fields as Justice, the electoral system and administration, and that he recommended that all laws approved by the Romanian Parliament and all the ratification treaties signed by Romania on the rights of ethnic minorities be observed.

“We said that we expect the new Government not to assume responsibility or issue emergency ordinances in the following fields: Justice, the electoral system and administration. There are certain fields where no government can avoid issuing ordinances. The budget revision for instance requires such ordinance. I also said and recommended that all laws approved by the Romanian Parliament and all the ratification treaties signed by Romania on the rights of ethnic minorities, and not just these, be observed, and that we need to resume everything that hasn’t been done in the property restitution field, considering the Government’s role in this, of course,” underscored Kelemen Hunor.

The UDMR leader specified he gave a text to the Liberals including all these requirements.

“We believe that there is need of a written agreement and that’s why we gave a text to our Liberal colleagues, a text which includes the elements that I have already mentioned here, for this period, 2019-2020. For every time when we supported a government, be it a minority or a majority one, every time that we had a parliamentary collaboration, we did it based on a written agreement, a signed agreement. Through collaboration, discussions, arguments, we can overcome this period of two-three years that separated us and increase the level of mutual trust between UDMR and PNL (National Liberal Party),” Kelemen pointed out.


USR’s Barna: Next week we’ll make a final decision related to our support for Gov’t


USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Tuesday announced that he reached an agreement with the PNL (National Liberal Party) representatives and probably next week his party will make a final decision related to its support, or lack of it, for the new Government.

“USR believes that the correct solution we discussed with both the Prime Minister-designate and the President is that of snap elections. However, the Romanian President decided snap elections are not the best solution right now. We have also tried in the past couple of days to check if there could be a majority to support the Government. And what happened yesterday in Parliament proved that there isn’t. (…) Considering also the position of the Prime Minister-designate and that of the PNL, we’ve come up with a proposal of a political agreement in which we included the priorities and those very important aspects that USR believes should appear on every Government’s agenda. (…) We also asked them, through these proposals of agreement, to make it very clear that early polls remain on the table as an objective to follow the presidential elections at a short distance. PM-designate Orban agreed. (…) In the end we did reach an agreement. Right now we only need to clarify a few things we need to agree upon in the next days. Probably by the end of the week we will also have the list of ministers, so that we could make a final decision whether to support this government or not,” Barna stated in Parliament, at the end of the talks with the PNL leadership.


ALDE will back mono-colour Gov’t proposed by Orban


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced on Tuesday, after his talks with Premier-designate Ludovic Orban, that his party will back the Orban Government, which must be a one-party government. He said the talks on ALDE’s 12 conditions and demands have been finalised. “I can tell you we have agreed on them all,” Tariceanu said.

“The second official meeting we have had as a full team, I would say, alongside my colleagues, the members of the delegation, has allowed us to finalise the talks on the document that we presented during the previous meeting, containing the 12 conditions and demands we have formulated. And I can tell you we have agreed on them all,” Tariceanu said.




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